Top 10 enterprise mobile app development companies in Singapore


Recent statistics shows that many business enterprises are now embracing the use of mobile apps to develop their business. The trend has recently brought some significant changes in app development globally. Many app developers are now deviating from targeting consumer markets to targeting business enterprises by highly embracing enterprise app development.

Enterprise app development has become the new trend for developers with many apps already being showcased in Singapore. Leading app development companies are now investing in machinery and manpower to increase their marketability for business enterprises these days.

We give a quick review of some of the best app development companies in Singapore that offer affordable and cutting-edge technology to develop applications for business enterprises.

1. Vinova

Vinova helps Singapore companies and start-up individuals to make their ideas reality by providing our IT services and solutions. Vinova specialises in developing mobile apps, web apps and mobile games. We’ve been developing and maintaining many eCommerce and responsive websites, mobile apps and games on iOS and Android platforms, as well as complex Enterprise system. Vinova is among TOP10 Mobile Applications Development Companies in Singapore – according to

Awarded 1st prize “Best In Show” for our game at Casual Connect Asia, Vinova is featured on MDA site and annual report.

Vinova is well-known for Speed and Quality in the industry, since their founding in 2010.

Their portfolio is available for download hereAnd their company video is available here.

2. Massive Infinity

Massive Infinity was founded in 2012. Since then, it has become a highly regarded company in Singapore. Known for delivering one of the amazing apps in the country, the company is speedily finding its place among the best.

3. SquareFresco Solutions

This company has endeavored to provide user-friendly mobile applications with a simple layout for its users. SquareFresco has invested in advanced machinery together with highly skilled mobile app development experts to enable it to achieve its goals in providing excellent and effective products.

5. Codigo

The company aims to ensure mobile app users adjust to changing patterns in app development. The company adjusts its technological techniques and strategies to develop apps that enable enterprises cope with the changes in business patterns and offer them solutions to their marketing woes.

4. Rainmaker Labs

Rainmaker Labs services a wide range of clients ranging from retail businesses to large enterprises. Enterprise solutions are presented by highly technological and flexible mobility platform, which serves as a backend for developed projects and allows 3rd party integrations to be plugged in to the app. The company develops apps for both iOS and Android. Rainmaker Labs developed its own beacon management system and is supplying location based marketing campaigns with Apple certified BLEep iBeacons, enabling marketers  to drive better mobile user targeting experience.

6. Zoliotech

Since its formation in 2008, the company has offered application development services to numerous business enterprises. They also offer consultation and app maintenance services at affordable fees to their clients.

7. Oasis Web Asia

Oasis Web Asia is mainly specialized in web designing and development. However, over the recent years, Oasis Web Asia has expanded its scope of services to include mobile app development and social networking. It has pumped in many resources to mobile app development especially those targeting large enterprises.

8. Singsys

This is an Indian company that has opened an office in Singapore recently. The company offers mobile application services to a large network of business enterprises among the three countries. Their excellent and fast service delivery has made them gain favor among several companies in Singapore.

9. Ranosys Technologies

Ranosys Technologies also delivers top-notch wed based mobile applications. Since its formation in 2008, it has expanded significantly recording a 50 percent increase in some employees by the end of 2014. The company has a big client base with over $5 million in revenue.

10. iMpact

The company does web designing in addition to app mobile application. They can integrate their talents in mobile app development and web development to produce amazing web-based applications that suit business enterprises. The company is fast expanding and currently targets the US market more than Singapore.

There are several more recognizable app development companies in Singaporean market, we provided you with top 10 developers, to make your vendor research easier in case you may need mobile app development services and stuck between a choice of vendor. Do not forget while talking to companies to get their company credentials and check with an app development process, as it always matters, will your project get one freelance developer on outsource or a team of 60 coders that build apps on custom made secure mobility platform.

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