Month: May 2018

Coinmarketcap Launches iOS Mobile App

Coinmarketcap (CMC) has released its first-ever mobile app. The cryptocurrency price and market capitalization website announced the release of the app on April 30. The launch of the app is part of CMC’s five-year anniversary celebration. The Coinmarketcap App for iPhones The new CMC mobile app is compatible with the iOS smartphone platform. It enables

Mobile App Store Growth and Developers Expanding Rapidly – MobileBeyond

Well, who said  mobile app store growth would become a fight between iOS and Android?  As it turns out Samsung, a sleepy Asian giant, now Apple’s threatened lawsuit against GetJar, calling itself a mobile “app store,” demonstrates Apple’s delusional grandeur to dominate mobile, media, entertainment and other industries it fancies. That Apple’s lawyers in the suit would suggest

Is the LinkedIn Mobile App Helping You?

Because at most times you’re probably closer to your mobile device than your desktop, it’s important to understand the limitations and opportunities on theLinkedIn mobile app and adjust your LinkedIn strategy accordingly. Linkedin has done a pretty good job of making the latest version of the desktop and the mobile app look and function the same,

adidas Launches New Mobile App

adidas Launches New Mobile App adidas just made buying shoes a lot easier thanks to their all-new mobile App. In addition to bringing the latest adidas product at your fingertips, the new App creates a tailor-made experience that connects you with design stories, athletes, and much more. User can purchase with one tap through Apple Pay