Month: August 2018

REDCap Mobile App APK version 2.51.0

REDCap Mobile App APK REDCap Mobile App 2.51.0 apk, update on 2018-02-05***This is available only for REDCap users with REDCap >6.5.0 on their servers.*** Collect your REDCap data in an offline environment in the REDCap mobile app, and then sync your data back to your project on a REDCap server. REDCap is a web application,

4 Strategies to Ensuring the Success of Your Mobile App

Today, the entire world has undoubtedly gone mobile as more people access data and information via digital devices, tablets and smartphones. Apps are commonplace for shopping, connecting with people, navigation and managing data. In fact, mobile apps are today more interactive, attractive and easy to integrate with various smartphone features. The current apps trend is

Ryder Launches New Mobile App For Truckers

Ryder Launches New Mobile App For Truckers Ryder’s new app RyderGyde will give truckers and fleet managers quick access to key information like daily fuel prices. (Photo: Ryder) Ryder System, the giant truck leasing and rental company, jumped into the mobile app arena Tuesday with RyderGyde, which gives truckers and fleet managers quick access to

What is the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Mobile App?

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that has created huge connections for mobile Application. In the world of new possibilities for app development process artificial intelligence (AI) opens new doors of different sectors. AI is helping companies to capitalize on lubricious opportunities. Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows applications to drive revenue for many