5 Mechanisms Of Magento Native Mobile App To Drive Sales

[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]You are having $5000 and do not know how to spend such amount of money, then I suggest that you should invest in ecommerce business. Why? Because the world’s trend is going online, and the traditional channels of shopping are being gradually replaced by the more modern way (Internet explosion), even you are on the go, you still can purchase the products via your smartphone. So, investing in online business is a best choice for you.

According to EKN Mobility in Retail 2014, 77% of retailers believe store operations will benefit the most from mobility strategies, so a mobile shopping app is really a great idea! The Magento native mobile app should be the priority. You may wonder between the Magento responsive website and Magento mobile app, then my advice is Magento native app. Why I say that? Let’s see the content below:

Boost the sales by 50% – launch a Magento native mobile app now!

In comparison with a responsive website, Magento app has its own outstanding features, in other words, mechanisms to empower the performance of an ecommerce business and drive the sales by up to 50%.

Discover now!

 1.Fully synchronized with Magento website
Once creating a shopping app, the thing that a merchant cares about most is how to provide the mobile users with the experience of surfing the web. will be the best choice for Magento merchant as it can help to convert the Magento website to Magento native mobile app with all the data synchronized fully. No need to care about the mobile screen because Simicart will give the app the fullest and nicest interface.

2.Perfect choice for managers to control and make decision

If you are still following us, Simi sales tracking will be the next wonderful mechanism that Magento mobile app can afford. In fact, Simi sales tracking is a plugin from Simicart which is used to help mobile app owner to keep track with sales revenue, customers information, business status,…once you adopt Magento native mobile app, moreover, enforce the decision making of app owner.

You can read more about Simi sales tracking here!

3.Improve customer loyalty through effective engagement

The fact is: 50% of shoppers want expert advice on what to buy when they enter a store, but as many as 67% feel that employees could be more helpful. That’s the reason why Magento native app integrates with supportive features, interface, design,… so that the customer can engage more with the app and return to visit time after time.

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4.Low cost strategy

Actually, in comparison with other platforms, Magento is among the cheapest platforms for e-commerce business. With Simicart app builder, the highest price is just about $1300. Besides, it does not require you to know about coding skill, so the fund will be saved relatively.

5.Secure and flexible method of payment

If you have got a Magento native mobile app, one plugin that you cannot forget which is Payment plugin. The two of them are CCAvenue and IPay 88 payment gateway. With such special features as simple installation, credit, and debit card payment, …they both help to improve the payment process in Magento native mobile app.

In short,

Such mechanisms of Magento mobile app are undeniable. You just need less than $5000 for the establishment and operation of the whole system. With above fabulous features, an e-commerce merchant can totally earn high profit, even the doubled sales after the first time of launching the Magento native mobile app. If you are still considering about its efficiency, install Simicart right now. 🙂

5 Mechanisms Of Magento Native Mobile App To Drive Sales By Up To 50%

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