A Guide to Building a Mobile App for Sports Industry

Are you a sports fanatic? Do sports excite you more than anything else on this planet? Are you someone who doesn’t want to miss a single NBA or Copa America game? And are you looking for mobile app developers to resolve this for the entire society? Then I’m glad to mention that you have landed on the right webpage.

Mobile apps come to rescue in situations like these allowing viewers of the game to experience electrifying atmosphere of the field from the comfort of their padded couch. Sports mobile apps have gained popularity in the recent times and entrepreneurs look at it as an opportunity to make money.

Let’s have a look at some stats-

  • In the West, live streaming of sporting events has seen a tremendous boost. Leading groups like WatchESPN and FOXSports GO have doubled their monthly downloads.
  • A national TV broadcaster in Vietnam released a dedicated app for Euro Cup 2016, which received more than 500,000 downloads.
  • It is estimated that technology-driven retail merchandise will also go up from $13.5 billion in 2014 to $14.5 billion in 2019.

Why is there a need for sports mobile app?

We believe that the above-mentioned stats answer this question very well. The sports market is set to mature, and this is the time when it needs to be combined with mobile technology. So, here we list down some undeniable reasons to build a sports mobile app.

It is the prime reason why sports apps are in demand. It enables users to experience the game anytime and from anywhere. Since it is not possible for each one of us to be at the stadium or to be in front of the TV sets every time a game is being played, mobile apps with live video streaming come as a savior. They give users and avid sports lovers an opportunity to live the game regardless of their location and time zone.

  • News about favorite players and teams

The supporters of the game, players and teams like to know their admired players off the field too. A sports app can help them stay abreast of the latest news and happenings from behind the scenes.

  • Act as social networking platform

A sports app can become a social networking platform for enthusiasts around the globe where they can interact, communicate, discuss and share their opinions with like-minded people. This not only helps in building a community but play in favor of your app’s promotion. The more people interact with your app and the more they share, the better it is for your business growth, expansion and reach.

A sports mobile app is much more than just being a score update platform. Along with scores and updates about ongoing and upcoming matches, it offers users to enjoy features like real-time analytical comparison of different players, teams’ performances, ground statistics and more.

  • Acts as a revenue generation medium

A sports mobile app can help you mint money. It is only about the time it gets to the users’ mind and engage them so much so that there is no holding back. With a wide user base, you can run various marketing campaigns for clubs and teams’ promotion, have in place the widely adopted and accepted in-app purchases for personalized and advanced game experience and also offer membership plans. Other than this, there are a lot more ways to generate revenues and monetize your app.

Features to have in a sports mobile app

It is important to note that you are not the only player in the market. There are many more like you. In order to stand out, you need to have that X-factor or offer functionalities that no one else in the domain is offering. However, make sure you do not lose the main purpose of building the app and ask your hired mobile app developers to include the following features in your sports app.

1. Real-time score updates

One of the major features that a sports app should have is ‘score update’ feature. This is something that’s mandatory for you to include in the app. It keeps users interested and keep them coming back to your app to know the present score.

The sports followers like to know more about the game, players and teams beyond the live experience. However, it is important to offer them an interface that’s interactive, attractive and readable. The content should scroll quickly and despite high-quality images, the content should load faster.

This is a useful feature to have in your app where users can view the comparison done at different levels, categories, players and teams based on competition and past performances.

Push notifications can be beneficial in case of updating the users about the latest news depending on their interests and behavior that will keep them engaged and glued to your app.

Concluding Lines

There is still room for top mobile app development companies to tap on possibilities of sports domain and enthrall users from the word go. If you are looking to connect with expert mobile app providers for building a seamless app that connects global sports lovers, then your search ends here. We can assist you on this front, all you have to do is email your requirements at . We will get back to you soon.

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