A Mobile App for your Campus’ Unique Needs


A Mobile App for your Campus’ Unique Needs

Every campus is unique and has individual needs and goals, as well as their own student experience that differs from all other schools. Therefore, when you begin your search for a Campus Mobile app you need to make sure you are finding the platform that is going to work best for your school.

What is your campus known for? 

Is it sustainability? Is it tech? Do you offer local, farm-to-table ingredients every day? Do you pride yourselves on having the ultimate student experience? No matter what the focal point of your auxiliary services is, Hangry has the features that will not only highlight your strengths, but enhance them as well. Hangry’s multi-facetted platform allows us to work with your campus to create a Branded App that accomplishes all of your goals. Through data analytics, loyalty & rewards, surveys & reviews (just to name a few) you are able to pick which features will benefit you and add them to your campus-branded mobile app.

Marketing and Driving Student Behaviour

The Hangry Loyalty and Rewards feature allows you to place points on virtually any item, action, or feedback that users can access through the app. By having the power to place points wherever you want, you can ultimately drive student behavior –the ultimate marketing tool. Advertise new locations or new menu items through the app’s inbox, and allocate points every time students try a new dining location. With just a few clicks, you are able to access all of your app users at once through the messaging feature. In addition, you can encourage students to complete app tasks that will earn them points. These points can then be redeemed for campus merch in your rewards store (built by you, of course.) Examples of app tasks include: opening a message, re-ordering, rating an order, completing surveys, referring a friend, and opening the app on consecutive days. These tasks encourage app usage, keep students dining and purchasing on campus, and provide the ultimate feedback you need to create a better student experience.

The market for campus apps is growing fast, but if you choose an app that offers the same services across the board, you are ultimately putting a cap on your potential. Don’t ask your students to download another app that offers just one service. Ask them to download YOUR app, filled with ways to better their campus life.
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