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Chinese Mobile App UI Trends

TRANSLATIONS:中文 ( | 中文 (CSDN) | 한국어 | ру́сский язы́к This summer, I packed up all my things and moved from San Francisco to Guangzhou, China for work. Through an unlikely chain of coincidences that I don’t entirely recall, I’ve become a product manager on WeChat, a popular messaging app in China. Moving to a

The “David Bowie Is” Exhibition Is Now Available as an Augmented Reality Mobile App That’s Narrated by Gary Oldman: For David Bowie’s Birthday Today

Maybe it’s too soon to divide pop music history into “Before David Bowie” and “After David Bowie,” but two years after Bowie’s death, it’s impossible to imagine pop music history without him. Yet, if there ever did come a time when future generations did not know who David Bowie is, they could do far worse

StaffConnect Sees Explosive Growth of Employee Engagement Mobile App Platform and Significant Market Expansion As Customers Reap the Benefits of Increased Employee and Customer Satisfaction Boosting Bottom Line Profitability

Company Closes Out Q3 2018 with a 139% Increase in Recurring Revenue over Q3 2017 as Company Closes Marquee Accounts Across Construction, Healthcare, Hospitality and Manufacturing LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — , the leading provider of , today announced continued explosive growth, closing out Q3 2018 with a 139% increase