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The Top 5 Mobile App Trends for 2016.

There is but one constant in the mobile app market — it’s in a permanent state of continuous change. While it’s true every industry sees its share of fluctuations, innovations in technology cause mobile app trends to move at a feverish pace. To catch the attention of both early adopters and cutting-edge consumers, enterprises need

Why Content Marketing Is Relevant In Mobile App Development

Content Marketing & App Development Content marketing is the creation of business information and other insightful information to attract prospective customers, it is a long-term marketing approach which is aim at distributing relevant and valuable contents to attract and keep prospective customers. The purpose of content marketing is to attract and keep prospective customers to

Haryana’s mobile app to help public complain about unclean surroundings

Change Agent Haryana’s mobile app to help public complain about unclean surroundings Think Change India The Haryana government has launched a mobile app in urban areas to enable residents to complain about unclean surroundings and suitable action thereafter by local authorities. The mobile app service has been launched under the Swachh Bharat Mission to address

Mobile App Myths Debunked

There are popular beliefs around mobile app development that range from the high costs involved to the difficulty of making a return on your investment. Some are valid concerns, but they don’t apply when you rely on a mobile app service like ours. We often discuss these with customers, with many comparing our services to having a developer build an