AutoGas Mobile App – Find Closest CNG-LPG Gas Station

Want to find a CNG-LPG Gas Station in your Vicinity?

Are you planning for a holiday trip on your own vehicle and are worried about finding a CNG- LPG Gas filling Station on your route?

A single solution of all your problems is AutoGas. Semaphore as a software & mobile app development company came up with the idea of AutoGas that will help people to find nearby gas station easily. AutoGas is a smartphone application available for iPhone, Android & Windows platforms and easily downloadable from iTunes, Google Play Store & Windows Phone Store for free of cost.

The application provides complete information about CNG-LPG Gas Filling Station of 24 states & their major cities and more than 30 gas companies across India. So leave all of your worries to find the gas filling station for your vehicle. All you need to do is to download the AutoGas app to find gas station in your vicinity.

Just a few taps on your phone, you will get precise distance and direction of the gas station. With the activated GPS of current location, the application will give you real-time directions using Google maps.

With Easy-to-navigate and user-friendly aspects, the application is a complete virtual guide for locating CNG and LPG gas pumps. The application is also working resourcefully on both online and offline mode. You can view details of gas station added to favorite and saved routes in the offline mode.

Features of AutoGas:

Multiplatform Availability
Multiplatform Availability

  • The application is available for iPhone, Android and Windows platforms
  • User can download application from respective app store for free of cost
  • Functionality and features will remain same for all platforms

Gas Station a Click Away
easy to search

  • Searching a gas filling station with AutoGas is as easy as to find chocolate from chocolate shop.
  • You can find CNG-PNG gas filling station by selecting your state, city & gas station company name on your mobile
  • On specifying the options, list of gas stations will be displayed along with a provision to view all stations on Google Map.

Search Gas Station by Your Current Location
search by currunt location

  • With an AutoGas app, you can also search gas stations nearby to your current location.
  • To use the search by current location feature, you need to keep the GPS Location service enabled on your mobile.
  • The app will display the list of all nearest gas stations by radius. Available radii are 5 KM, 10 KM, 15 KM & 20 KM.

Get List of All Gas Stations on Your Travel Route
find gas station by rout

  • You can also get list of gas stations by specifying your route from one city to another.
  • Select source & destination cities and the app will redirect you to Google Map that displays all nearby gas stations available on that route.
  • The application will provide you the shortest route between source & destination cities.
  • You can also save the route for the future reference in offline mode.
  • Saved route & nearby gas stations list are also accessible in offline mode.

Find Gas Stations by Augmented Reality
Find Gas Station using Augmented Reality

  • Application will provide you the facility to find gas stations by augmented reality.
  • You can view all the gas stations in camera view on the direction of your mobile.

Complete Contact Details With Just Few Tabs
complete detail

  • Auto Gas mobile app provides you all required details of a single gas station,
      • Gas station company name & logo
      • Full address
      • Contact number
  • You can also view the location on Google map.
  • App also provides you shortest distance & direction on Google Map form your current location to gas station.

Add Station to Favorites
add to favorite

  • You can add any gas station to favorite list for future reference.
  • All the gas stations added in favorite list will be available in offline mode.

Suggest Information For Missing Stations

  • If you find any gas station that is not in the list then with this feature, you can send the necessary information for new gas station.
  • You can also share AutoGas app store link to your friends.

With this app, you can easily find nearest CNG-LPG gas filling station from your current location. Apart from finding nearest gas station, you can also search for all gas stations available on your selected route. The application is also user friendly and easily understandable for any Smartphone users.

User Views

Following are some application reviews available on App Store by users:

“Helpful Very helpful in locating CNG pumps. The team promptly adds any new suggested pumps by users…”

“Prompt Developer Had a query and had a prompt reply from them. Lets help them to make it better… it will be our free share to them..”

“Very useful app. Helped me a lot in commuting from Thane to Pune. Also, within Mumbai! Appreciate your hard work!”

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