Beacons Based Mobile App for a cause

Beacons and BLE device nowadays have become a centre of attraction for every small businesses. The topic itself says that beacons used here is for some cause, thinking what the cause is all about? Let me take you through this cause which will just mesmerise your thoughts and leave you in deep thoughts.

  1. Poverty in India is the biggest issues. In 2015 around 12.4% people lived in poverty, a reduction from 29.8% in 2009 along with clocking the growth of 7.6% in 2015.
  2. About 16.4 % of the European population is poor, representing 22.8% of normal GDP
  3. As of 2016 year, 14.5% of people in USA are living below poverty line.
  4. The poverty line has declined to more than a half from 1.9 million in 1990 to 836 million in 2015, over the past 2 decades in Arab countries. Despite of such progress the country is making, according to UNDP between 2010 and 2012 the percentage of the population in the region making less than $1.25 a day increased from 4.1 percent to 7.4 percent.
  5. So nearly 1/2 of the world’s population, more than 3 billion people —live on less than $2.50 a day.

The cause is Poverty, a major concern of every country, state and city. Poverty,  where one is unable to suffice the basic needs from shelter to food for himself. Being homeless isn’t just easy. Being hungry is also not easy, it’s like sleep hungry and waking up hungry.

Everybody wants to help but how? Technology can help!

Everybody wants to help poor and cut out the poverty from the society but no one wants to be the first person to step out and lend the hand to poor. Isn’t it surprising that people say “Be the change you want to see”  but no one wants to be that change first. Here is the solution for that, Beacons.

How can beacon based solution can help to eradicate poverty?

The basic concept of this beacon based application is to help the poor to get his/her daily needs or the wishlist to be fulfilled. A beacon, of less range say detecting 10 meters range is given to every destitute person ( as a keychain or tag). To enroll into this service, the person has to be associated with NGO or case worker to complete the survey, for the people to reach them.

The app user can view the profile of the person along with the picture and the wish list before donating. This will happen once the poor person comes in the vicinity of the app user and the user gets the notification for it. The app user can either donate an amount towards an item in the wish list or can either donate the item itself.

Once the product is been fully funded or donated at the center, the needy person picks up the item from the respective case worker and hopefully get some additional support if needed. The app not only satisfies the short term goal of an individual but also focuses on creating more secure footing to achieve long term goals.

Now lets use our smart phones for this cause to tackle and eliminate poverty from our society.

“Are you an NGO or a Social Entrepreneur ? Do you want to know how technology can help to find a right solution for right cause? always looks forward and is ready to help in this case. “