Best Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

So you’ve successfully developed your mobile app considering all the technical aspects and market requirements. The next step will always be the promotion, which can easily be interpreted as your efforts to present your prestigious application before the right audience. We have recently witnessed a huge hike in mobile user’s count and is expecting a steady increase as well. Experts have already prophesied Mobiles as the future. Even though I am not a great admirer off prophecies yet I believe that Mobiles will be in play till we find a better alternative. Since businesses are undergoing a redefining phase due to their shift from Direct platform to Digital, It is so important for every business to invest their time and money on digital promotional strategies. I will suggest you with few promotion tactics, from which you can choose the right ones that serves your purpose.

Serve a Need

This purely is fundamentality. This refers to understanding your target market and needs, further developing a product that justifies every aspect of the market requirement. This is as simple as this, even though you have the best app developers in India or you may have developed a high-end app, but, if your app does not fulfil the market needs, no one will ever get benefited by it and therefore no one will ever refer that to anyone as well.

Optimize Your Landing Page

Optimizing your landing page in relevance to your App is so important that it can be the deciding factor for your customer to make a decision. Also, you should have to include a brief yet precise introduction to your app. And there is no amount of hesitation to say this, almost every mobile application development company  consider this factor as their priority, simply because it plays a vital role in decision making.

Social Media Is Trustworthy

More than 70% of internet users spend their time on social media. Nowadays, you can hardly find someone without a social presence. Social media platforms deliver immense opportunities for all kind of businesses to grow their business. Many companies make use of social media for distinct purposes. From customer relationship to promotion, one can always make use of the same. When it comes to promotion, you can easily reach a huge number of interested people and you can present your product before them as well. You can even make use of paid options, which in fact produce a great value to your efforts.

Pitch Relevant Blogs

Let me say, this is hard. But don’t get discouraged instead be inspired by the outcome it can generate. In fact, every good things are hard to achieve and if something seems easy, then it might not serve the purpose. Pitching to relevant blogs can help you reach the relevant audience in a quick time frame. It can be time-consuming but once you get published, miracles will happen. All you need is to make a list of contacts, email them your perfect pitch, and hope for the best.

List Your App in Appropriate Android And iOS Stores

This is well familiar yet considering its importance, I have decided to include this in the list. Listing your app in relevant app stores will offer you the opportunity to reach some potential customers. App store optimization is an essentiality if you consider listing the app in any platforms.

Hit With Attractive Offers

This is one of those evergreen promotional practices which can be effective despite market, business type or anything. Yes, you have already developed a great app, you have even reached many potential customers. But you are not alone, you have competitors. Thus you definitely need a stand out element. That can be a mind-blowing offer which resists your targeted customers to let go your product.

App Reviews Matters

This is much related to customer behaviour. Of Course, micro-moments matters. But there are certain factors that lead to those moments. Reviews are one among them. People often rely on others to get feedback on any product. This is because they believe opinions from others similar to them. Hence, if you need to improve your conversion, you need to work on your app reviews. However, you can try reaching several app review site for this particular cause.

Sharpen Your Video Strategy

Videos create engagement. It conveys the message in an interesting fashion. With immense possibilities from Youtube, Vimeo and more, one can undoubtedly expect better results through an effective video strategy. Video Advertising especially is an effective medium for everyone who aims for a much larger reach.

Invest On Cross Promotion

Cross promotion is nothing but a promotion strategy where customers of one product or service are targeted with the promotion of a related product. This is a mutually benefiting strategy and has a success rate while considering previous examples.

Be Noteworthy

This label can only be achieved through great innovation. Your app not only serves the purpose but also provide some wow factors, then it may attain some recognition. Consider this situation when your app got featured in reddit. This can be your ladder to success. Be noteworthy is not easy but worthy.


Several Mobile Application Development Companies still follow this practice of investing a lot in the development process alone. They are actually forgetting the fact that development is merely the beginning.  It does matter but promotion is the entity that defines your success. Without marketing and promotion, you are still on the runway. To take off, you need to invest in Marketing and Promotions.