Brand Ambassadors for your University Mobile App

Once you’ve launched your Campus Branded App, your next step is to spread the word about your mobile app around campus! This can be a difficult process, but with the help of Brand Ambassadors, this task becomes much easier. We’ve mentioned before on this corner of the internet that marketing to students has become one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish, especially on-campus. When it comes to technology and social media, students like to be in the driver’s seat—and will often go out of their way to avoid ads even if it’s for a product they want. Recent studies have shown that traditional ads are one of the least effective ways to grab attention from college or university students. Forbes Magazine wrote, ‘Traditional advertising [to millennials] doesn’t work anymore. People haven’t stopped buying things, but how and why they buy those things have changed.’. In fact, Forbes continues by explaining that word-of-mouth is the most effective marketing solution to advertise. ‘[Students] don’t want ads from a brand, necessarily – they want it from trusted sources – and who’s more trusted than their own social communities’ (Forbes). So the question becomes whose opinion would a student trust most? Another student. Student Brand Ambassadors are used to promote your app through the use of trust. Hiring BAs will give you the ability to market your app in a way that is much more personable than a sign or flyer and can be used at events, every day marketing in concentrated areas, and even on social media.

Who to Choose
When choosing Brand Ambassadors for your Campus Branded App, you want to ensure you are picking outgoing, friendly students who believe in what they’re selling. Hangry often suggests advertising the open positions to students in business or drama students that might be looking for the experience, or the ability to meet other students. Another great way to choose Brand Ambassadors is through social media. If you have students on campus who are extremely involved, and have a significantly large amount of followers on social media, this opens up an opportunity for your app to be promoted online. This can be accomplished by offering the student compensation, coupons, or rewards in exchange for online exposure; this would include Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter posts about your app, and how much they are enjoying it!

When and Where to Use them
On-campus Brand Ambassadors should be placed in high-concentration hours during peak eating times. This would be anywhere from 12-3, and if you’ve launch mobile ordering on campus, your BA’s should be near a pick-up location. We also suggest avoiding promotion during Fridays and weekends, as this is a low traffic time on campus. All Brand Ambassador’s should be wearing a Hangry shirt (designs to incorporate you school logo is provided by dedicated success coach), and should always have promo cards, or promotional products to give out. Promo cards should include a discount code for mobile ordering, or a code to earn points in the rewards store (these promotional materials are also provided by your success coach)

Cut costs by utilizing all students
On-campus BA’s are an extremely effective way to gain attention on campus, and are highly recommended especially during launch and exam times. However, we also have a way to get all students involved without ever spending a dime. The way to accomplish this is through social media. Although this concept might seem like a surprise to some, students actually WANT to be included in brand communication efforts—especially if it is a brand they trust. Through social media, you are able to get students involved in the marketing solution process which will only increase brand awareness. Examples of this include, getting students to tweet about their experience with your app, or posting a photo of the food they received through your mobile ordering feature. You can then reward students for their efforts through the rewards store. Not only does this create brand awareness, but it is just another avenue for the word-of-mouth marketing solution and they are not paid by the hour.

Hangry is the most flexible campus mobile platform for auxiliary and dining services. We provide university and colleges with their own campus branded app to enrich the student experience across all of their auxiliary services.

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