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Legal Considerations for Mobile App Developers

Our guest post this week is written by Arina Shulga, who co-founded the apps development company Ingengo LLC together with her husband in 2011 in New York City.  The company started with an idea of creating apps preparing kids for admission to local elementary schools, developing their critical thinking skills and teaching different languages.  Kids

Radio Romania International Mobile App Now Available from AudioNow®

February 10, 2017 – Washington, D.C. – AudioNow®, the leading mobile distribution platform for global broadcasters designed around listener engagement, and Radio Romania International, a department of the Romanian national public radio, announce a new mobile app featuring live local updates, news and reporting from the leading international broadcaster in Romania through a partnership with

Why Grocers Need a Mobile App Bizztor

From mom ‘n’ pop shops and departmental stores to supercenters and e-commerce sites, it’s an overcrowded space in the grocery business. Where does your grocery business stand against such a stiff competition? While your products, services and promotional offers could be differentiating factors, there isn’t really a surety that customers won’t turn away from you.

Chick-fil-A Updates Its Fast Food Mobile App

Is Chick-fil-A the nation’s most beloved fast food chain? It’s a contentious question. According to Foursquare, the answer is yes. Unsurprisingly, fast food patrons immediately began warring on social media about whether or not the results could be trusted. People on social media will engage in online debate for almost any reason — sometimes no reason

RSU develops mobile app to deal with fake cops

In an attempt to solve the menace of fake cops in the state, who are harrassing citizens more frequently, Raksha Shakti University has developed a mobile application that will help people authenticate cops. The application named COPS-G (Citizen Online Policeman Search-Gujarat) will have database of all the cops of different levels across the state. The