Chase Mobile app adds auto capture for faster check deposits

Chase Mobile app adds auto capture for faster check deposits

Ryne Hager

A lot of people my age can probably count the number of times they’ve physically visited a banking branch this year on precisely no hands. The advent of mobile banking has pretty much done away with most of the need for ATM visits and in-person check deposits, though some banks have dragged their feet when it comes to implementing some useful features like auto capture. You can go ahead and strike Chase from that list, though. 

Now instead of having to manually snap a photo of both sides of a check during the deposit process, the Chase app has a new auto capture mode—which can be disabled if you don’t like it. As the name might suggest, it automatically takes a photo as soon as the check is focused and lined up. It also enables the camera flash, so careful not to blind yourself in low-light. Neither of my banks has added this feature yet, but as someone who makes a lot of mobile check deposits, I wish they would.

Chase has also added Bill Pay enrollment to the mobile app so you can sign up for the feature without having to visit the site.

The full changelog for the update which introduces this feature is just below:

• Enroll in Bill Pay to pay your bills anytime, anywhere.
• Depositing a check? We’ve made it easier through auto capture.
• We’ve swapped logos for images on the dashboard to better match many of the cards you carry.
• New look and feel presented to Home Lending and Auto customers when viewing their account information.
• It’s easier than ever before to view your combined investment total.
• Learning & Insights is a new educational hub that will help you on your investments.

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