ContainerLINK mobile app provided for service personnel

Much lighter than 10 pounds of service manuals and far easier to use, thanks to its built-in search functionality, the new ContainerLINK app for tablets and smartphones is now available for Carrier Transicold container service personnel.

The app puts a wealth of technical and troubleshooting information into the hands of service technicians worldwide. Available free on both iOS and Android devices, it offers interactive resources, including service manuals with instructional videos, an alarm code lookup function, conversion tools and warranty information for units being serviced.

“By providing technicians with faster, more convenient access to information they typically need every day, we are helping to streamline service on refrigeration units and generator sets,” said David Whyte, project manager, container service engineering, Carrier Transicold.

Operation and service manuals for NaturaLINE, PrimeLINE and ThinLINE container refrigeration units; the XtendFRESH atmosphere control system and PowerLINE generator sets are accessible through the app. Mobile-optimized versions of manuals include all text and visuals found in the standard printed equipment manuals, with added benefits of searchability, pinch-to-zoom for closer study of detailed schematics and embedded videos that show maintenance procedures.

A Technician’s Toolbox includes temperature and pressure conversion calculators as well as refrigerant calculators that display saturation pressure based on temperature for R-134a, R-513A and carbon dioxide (R-744). With the Alarm Lookup function, a technician simply selects the alarm code from a drop-down list and a description of the alarm and causes, and troubleshooting steps are displayed. Conversion calculators and alarm code functionality do not need an Internet connection.

Mobile-optimized versions of the latest service manuals require Internet access; however, PDF versions of all manuals can be downloaded for viewing offline. PDF manuals are helpful in environments where there may not be cellular or Wi-Fi connections. They can be particularly useful for ship crews that may need to repair a refrigeration unit while a container is at sea and out of cellular signal range.

Additionally, the ContainerLINK app includes an Internet-enabled Warranty Lookup tool that indicates if a unit being serviced is under warranty and shows recent warranty claim history.

The ContainerLINK app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information, visit .