Create the Perfect Corporate Mobile App Experience


Create the Perfect Corporate Mobile App Experience

When it comes time to decide on a mobile app for your corporate office (which will come sooner than you think), you want to ensure the enterprise app you chose doesn’t hinder your organizations productivity.Why? Well the standards of what is considered a well-designed app have been raised in recent years, because the gap between work and personal life has becoming virtually non-existent (especially with advances in technology and the ‘work from home’ trend). With all these technologies making it easier to perform work anywhere, employee expectations on mobile apps are quite high so you’ll need to deliver a high-quality service. Your enterprise mobile app must be easy to use, visually appealing, and provide some kind of incentive to your employees.  These three factors alone will increase engagement and overall app usage.

In addition, you want to ensure you aren’t overwhelming your employees with app features they can’t keep track of. According to, for 80 percent of all business software applications, users engage with only four or five key functions. That means, it is your job to decide what those key functions are and put all your focus into them. For example, Hangry’s corporate-branded mobile app focuses on company wellness. This includes mobile ordering from your office cafeteria, a loyalty program based on employee wellness participation, and a corporate rewards store. The multi-faceted app is easy to use, does not exceed 4 key features, and focuses on the overall health and wellness of your business.

At the end of the day, you want to ensure you are providing an app to your employees that is both useful, and easy to use. If your app is too overwhelming or provides too many functions then your employees will be less inclined to participate, especially if there is no incentive for them. With Hangry’s corporate branded mobile app, you can reward employees points for virtually any action on the app. This can include ordering meal items, counting their calories, participating in company events/workshops, exercising sustainability and so much more. Once employees begin to earn points, they can then be redeemed for prizes in your company rewards store. Examples of prizes can include, parking spots, event tickets, company merchandise, free coffee etc.

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