Droupr – new mobile app for local car-pooling platform

Local intercity ride-sharing service provider Droupr, which made its debut last year, has announced new developments. The car-pooling resource started out as a web-based service, pairing car owners about to make the journey to a specific location with passengers who are also looking to head to the same place, with everyone sharing the cost of travel.

That hasn’t changed, but the company has introduced a new format into the mix – it has launched a mobile app, available on both Android and iOS, and the company says it is the first car-pooling platform in Malaysia to have a ‘distress signal’ button on its all-in-one app.

Currently, the app sends the location to a selected contact person without the need of network data, but Droupr says it’s working with the authorities to enable a SOS to be made directly to police as per the request made by the government.

To recap, the system – which aims to give everyone a community-based, safe travelling experience with declared identities and full member profiles – matches the available seats in cars with a real search engine, with seat optimisation allowing the driver to offer all available seats.

To ensure safety and security, both driver and passenger will be able to access a transparent profile section, with verification of an individual up to details such as a home address. The app also includes a chat-like messaging system.

Elsewhere, a preference option allows the passenger to choose who they travel with – there are “Ladies Only” rides where both the drivers and passengers are female. There’s also a 100% money back guarantee when the driver cancels the trip, or minus fees, if the passengers cancel it.

In conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya festive season, new and current users are entitled to RM20 discount (RM10 x 2) from now until July 12. Droupr is also offering all car owners who are sharing their ride a coverage up to RM350 to cover the cost of tow truck in case of an emergency.

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