Enrich the Mobile App Experience Using Augmented Reality

Enrich the Mobile App Experience Using Augmented Reality

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Enrich the Mobile App Experience Using Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is more than a buzzword: see how it’s helping improve the mobile user experience and increase customer engagement.

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Augmented reality is nothing new, it has been a part and parcel of the digital revolution since the last two decades. However, it is only recently that it has grown and is creating new waves in different dimensions of the digital world.If we look at the usage of AR, we will find that while it is being used in several spheres, the one that is gaining the importance day by day is in the mobile app development process.

Thanks to the development in Augmented reality, a mobile app UX designer can now not only improve the user interface with the mobile app dramatically, but also use it as a simulation tool to see how the app will behave in real time before its release in the market.

If you are a mobile app developer then Augmented Reality help you a great deal in designing new mobile apps that will not only have fewer bugs but will be more user-friendly.

Amazing Work Using Augmented Reality for Great User Experience 

Companies that work in Augmented Reality provide essential services to mobile app development companies among others to fine tune the working of their app in a simulated environment. Augmented Reality (AR) has several dimensions to it and it is important that we provide you with a brief overview so that you understand the importance of this in the industries.

If an online retail company wants to improve its sales figure significantly, then they can take a help of Augmented Reality to reach new standards. Studies on the sales pattern of the online shoppers have shown that around 50 percent of the smartphone users make use of their mobile phones to shop online. And more than 33 percent of these shoppers in one way or other experience the AR in their online shopping experience. Market experts believe that by 2020 the AR market will account for close to 150 billion dollars. Even if we see the latest trends, the new startups are spending a significant portion of their R & D budget on integrating AR into their processes to make them more effective and efficient.

How Is Augmented Reality Helping Improve User Experience? 

If you are in an online retail or service company and are looking to increase your sales figures by targeting the smartphone users, then AR based mobile app can help a lot. It will help you in a variety of ways, some of which are discussed here for your information.

  • It will help to increase the number of online store visitors: AR technology has revolutionized the way we buy good online in a way that was never thought of earlier. Here, the visitor can act as both as a content user as well as the new content developer. With the help of AR, the visitor can change the color of the product, its style also adds a few features to customize the product for his needs. In addition, AR allows the customer to get additional information about a product by scanning it for its price or nearby stores around where that product is being sold.
  • AR will help companies to break down language blocks: If you are a multinational company with operations in different parts of the world or a Pan Indian company wanting to break into different regional markets, then one of the greatest problems that you will face is the language barriers. AR can help you to overcome this issue. Tools like the Google translator help you to offer your customers information in 4 different languages. Similar apps can be built by mobile app UX designer to connect with a wide range of people.

AR Helps to Develop Better Apps for Smaller Screens

As more and more people turn to their small screen smartphones and wearables it will be important that app developers look for readability and better experience in developing their apps for these devices. Whether you are in windows, iOS or an android app development, you can benefit hugely by using AR in your app development process. It will give you the simulated view of the behavior of the app in real life situation. As AR is developed to integrate the digital to the physical to improve the overall viewing experience, it gives the user real-time data of what they are doing. In this way, the user can directly witness what they are doing instead of looking for the information on the behavior of the app.

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