Facebook is testing colorful comments in the mobile app

Facebook as one of the biggest social platforms on the net, tests many new features before bringing them to the stable builds. This time, though we might have to get ready for a facepalm. The company in the past has also pushed some very annoying features in this manner. The most recent one is pushing ads on the messenger platform. And making it a separate app in the first place. This new feature will make the comments section a whole lot distracting. The company is currently testing colored comments in the mobile app.

NEW: Facebook is testing coloured comments… This is going to look a mess!

Readers can take comfort in the fact that it’s still under testing, and there is a chance it might not be seen if users express their dissatisfaction. Some users have seen it work in their app like Evert Groot. He has posted some screenshots on his Twitter account. So, when users comment they will be allowed to choose from 7 gradients including orange, bright green, and purple. However, this seems restricted to mobile UX. The desktop version shows regular colors.

The change is similar to colored posts which Facebook introduced last year. Colored comments were seen in Myspace as well before the platform eventually met its demise. We aren’t sure if this feature actually will make it to the stable build, but for this one, we pray, it doesn’t.

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