Gym In Tucson AZ Designs Mobile App

Health And Fitness Gym In Tucson Arizona Designs Mobile Fitness App

A gym in Tucson Arizona has partnered with our developers to create one of the most advanced fitness apps that exists for mobile devices. The Tucson based gym Boxing Inc. came up with the concept when one of their personal trainers received a complaint from a client about accessibility to her account where her weight loss history was being recorded and her overall progress was being documented. The trainee had been attending the gym in Tucson for two years and had lost over 120 pounds working with the personal trainer she had hired. For two years records were being kept of her progress but she had no way to access the data, the diet plans, and exercise routines that she had been actively using since she started the program. When other personal trainers began to ask their clients if they would like access to those progress reports the response was conclusive, everyone agreed that accessing that information would not only be of help to them but it would allow them to share with family and friends that may want to begin the program before hiring a personal trainer. Our developers teamed up with the top trainers in their gym and began developing the most interactive health and fitness app we have ever created for a business. The true innovation came when when our developers began to integrate Apple Watch and Fit Bit connectivity to the app. This allows users of those watches to use the Boxing Incorporated app and their smart watches together. Not only are they able to access past workout routines, meal plans, and target goals, but they are also able to track results real time. For conditioning routines that need heart rate monitoring, fat burning metrics, and calories burned, this application will track and store the information on a daily basis to their training profile. These metrics will give their personal trainer direct access to the data needed to determine if weight loss goals are being met and if the individuals body is respond appropriately to the designated workout routine. During beta testing users were reportedly fascinated by the complexity of the application and accuracy of the information reported. They were then allowed to login to their profiles and review the metrics for the day. If they keep the watch on and the smart app open, it will track their vitals throughout the day. The app will count footsteps, calories burned, peak heart rates, and overall health for the users. If they lack in a certain area of need, these metrics will allow the trainer to analyze and create a game plan around the users day to day activity. This mobile application will prove to be revolutionary in the coming years for any members using it. If other training facilities were to follow the innovative lead of this gym in Tucson, they would find an increase in perceived value from their members and potentially witness a slow down in gym membership cancellations. Giving members access to such valuable data is a motivating factor and will keep them coming back for more. The personal trainers using the app will benefit by being able to truly monitor their clients and create very custom diet and exercise plans for them.

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