How A Single Product Mobile App, Transformed Itself Into A Fun & Entertaining Hangout

In today’s day and age, with the proliferation of apps of every kind, the first challenge is actually survival through the initial months of launch, leave alone growing or expanding the scope. Hundreds of apps fall by the wayside for various reasons, chief among them being a weak benefit proposition.

So, the obvious question is: Do apps that have a valuable benefit proposition, succeed?

There is no single and straight answer to the question because there are multiple variables at play, each impacting the other. How these variables are managed in the real marketplace, is what will dictate success or otherwise of an app.

Coming to the main subject of discussion, a little over a year and a half ago, a Contest-based mobile app called LuckyStars was launched, offering gifts that could be won for free, through lucky draws. Being a free-to-download app, it quickly gained popularity, touching the 1 million download mark in less than a year. What endeared users to keep coming in everyday, was the big ticket products offered as gifts that could be won for free.

Going forward, LuckyStars introduced a new feature – Bids. Starting with the , users could place bids for exciting, high-value products, and win them at ridiculously low prices. Now even though Bids attracted a payment through Stars (the LuckyStars currency), thousands of users jumped on to the bandwagon to participate.

Today, a year and a half later, LuckyStars has gone full throttle, launching a slew of new features, besides adopting a refreshing and vibrant new brand identity. With Quizzes,  New Bidding features – Highest Unique Bid and Hyper Bid; Spin & Earn Stars and Coins, etc, the LuckyStars app has opened the floodgates so to speak, for users to engage on a regular basis and win exciting products and freebies.

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