How Can Retailers Improve Their Mobile App Experience?

Mobile apps are everywhere & retailers are very much enthusiastic to take the advantages of introducing them among the customers. Retail businesses show their interests in generating mobile sales along with increased revenues & organic traffic. Mellinnial Media reported that mCommerce grabs 4th position among the diverse business verticals including entertainment, finance, telecommunications, & more. Presently, retail app development
companies majorly focus on transforming user experience as per the ever-changing preferences of customers

The most challenging factor with retail apps is user retention. According to Forrester’ report, the current state of the global retail industry defines the progressive reach of online shopping apps along with increased download rates. But, retailers are raising their concerns with a graph showcasing the terrible breakdown of mobile apps as specified due to mobile experience.

Now, it becomes easy to depict that why retailers are aspiring to enhance their mobile app experience.
Forrester defines these factors behind the circumstances that may affect mobile app experience:

  • Lags in facilitating personalized services based on purchase history, location, preferences, & loyalty benefits for every user.
  • Privacy issues on mobile app data like users’ credit/debit card details & information of shopping.
  • Increased costs of mobile app maintenance & human resources.
  • Inability to share & link another payment apps with a retail app.
  • Restrictions to utilize available coupons for other mobile wallets.

The shift towards mCommerce introduced the necessity of delivering enhanced user experience to engage valuable online shoppers.

Types of e-retail stores

Retail industry acquires various small & large scale businesses aspiring to put their products for direct sale and make profits in the competitive market. Grocery app development is majorly preferred for supermarket stores providing all types of goods while department stores offer a wide range of products only from selected categories.These retail stores are like one-stop shopping destination for consumers who want to purchase &
order all types of products including:

  • Groceries & food items
  • Pulses
  • Cereals
  • Stationary
  • Vegetables
  • Cosmetics
  • Toiletries
  • Jewellery
  • CDs, DVDs
  • Books
  • Sportswear
  • Footwear

What are the benefits of getting a mobile app for retail business?

No doubt, mobile apps can establish a retail business as they deliver value to the users. A retail app succeeds to keep up with its user base if it’s capable to face all major challenges & hurdles expected to occur in the business. Here are some factors to be considered for the successful retail app development:

  • Feedback & reviews from a group of target app users
  • Uninterrupted app accessibility with high performance
  • Easier integration of upgraded features
  • Monitoring app traffic, downloads, usability, & searches

Highlighting the needs of a mobile app for retail business (iphone, android & ipad)?

The demand of mobile app developers increased in retail business for many reasons. Customers enjoy the accessibility to any brand they like as they keep everything on their fingertips via mobile app. Irrespective of platform, a mobile app can spice up the entire retail industry as it compels shoppers with incredible user experience & reflects uniqueness of a brand. A mobile app for a retail business builds loyalty & trust, generates revenues, & allows easier administration sales along with customers’ satisfaction.

Top retail mobile app development firms and developers

  • AppsChopper
  • ArcTouch
  • Y Media Labs
  • WillowTree, Inc
  • hedgehog lab
  • Intellectsoft
  • Appster
  • Zco
  • Blue Label Labs
  • Intuz
  • Konstant Infosolutions

Mentioning the required budget for retail app development

The costs of retail app development are expected to vary across the globe. It is simple to say that a retail mobile app developer may charge you as per the complexity & wide scope in a project. Many firms offer exclusive pricing packages for SMEs according to their requirements, features, technologies, app marketing, & maintenance.

How much time it will take to construct a retail app for business?

No one can mention a precise time period for successful delivery of a retail app development project. Every mobile app development phase consumes a specified time including strategizing, UI/UX designing, prototyping, wireframing, development, testing, & deployment. So, retail app development might take few weeks or months.

Significant features of a retail app as required to facilitate online shoppers

A retail app development service provider mentions the below-given features to improve the users’ experience & app accessibility.

  • Impeccable product demonstration
  • Filtered product search
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Push notifications
  • Track scheduled product delivery
  • Redeem offers, discounts, & reward points
  • Multilingual support for international buyer