How to Engage and Retain Users in Your Mobile App?

Mobile application world is rapidly developing. Competition is so high that over 20% of applications are utilized just once and left thereafter. Smartphone users already have many applications installed and it’s simple for your application to get lost in such competitive marketplace.

Basically, in this competitive marketplace, just investing resources into an application isn’t sufficient; the application needs to fit in the organization’s goals while doing justice with to its reputation, and it must be backed by a solid marketing strategy.

It’s never simple to make a good customer relationship and brand loyalty in the field where loyalty is uncommon, rivalry is intense and choices are endless.

In case, you are concentrating on producing higher retention rates, ensure that the application does not contain any of the below-mentioned problems:

  • Extremely irritating and large number of ads
  • Large number of occurrences of application crash
  • Irritating sign-up needs
  • Pathetic performance speed

However, the more you understand your customers, the significance of good mobile strategy and focus on user experience, the less demanding it will be for your brand. Here are few tips for getting the attention of your customers towards your app in which you have already invested your valuable time and money.

Assure Great Performance

The performance of your application can make or break your relationship with your app users. Research suggests that if new users confront issues in operating the application, they might never return back. To ensure conversion from visitor to purchaser, ensure your application’s performance by assessing its load time and ensuring that the experience is error free.

Google will drive you back in SERPs in case your applications load time is higher and your bounce rate is continually increasing. Anything slower than 2 seconds is viewed as slow in the application world.

First Impression Is Most Important

The fact that huge numbers of applications get utilized just once poses a challenge before the application developers to make the first impression worthwhile. The most recent trend in the application world is to launch a guided tour to present the application and exhibit what the application brings to the table. The concentration of the application developers before launching a mobile application should be on simplicity and better user experience; however, it is a challenge to accomplish it.

Keep the Onboarding Process Simple

Account creations and logins are sometimes difficult tasks which lead to a significant loss of time for new users. But, almost every application requires you to make a login before you can begin utilizing the application, so optimizing the procedure is an imperative factor.

Try different things with various login alternatives like social, email or even no login by any means (if possible), to make the procedure as quick and seamless as could be expected under the circumstances.

Hit the Target with Analytics

Nobody likes to receive useless and irrelevant information and waste their time. So you should try to deliver important, targeted and quality content to your app users depending on their in-app behavior, preferences and demographics.

Mobile application audience segmentation enhances client engagement and experience as well as aides in monetizing the applications with better ROI.

Here are a couple of significant things for the application developer to focus on-

  • Use analytics to get information about clients and run relevant campaigns.
  • Use analytics reports to compare engagement and analyze ROI.
  • Track how your app is showing improvements over a period of time and who are your local customers.

Hold clients by offering Rewards

It is a fact that more than half of the clients download applications to get discounts and special rewards. Application rewards not just attract first time users and increase downloads but additionally help boost brand loyalty and also increases user retention.

Use mobile Deep Linking

A deep link is a URL-which can be applied on a text-that opens and directs a client to a specific location within an app. This enhances the user experience, spare valuable time and engages the user.

Deep links can direct clients to specific views within your app or other apps. For example, you wanted your user to go from a view in your app straight to you’re the company’s Facebook page. This is possible via deep linking. They also help marketers in determining which campaign drives more traffic to the app.

Listen to Your Clients

Customers experience must come first for any successful application. Ignoring your users is the biggest mistake you can ever make. Focus on their reviews and pay attention to their needs.

The most important thing is to listen to your audience. When you listen to your clients you not only engage them, as well as you have the better possibility of improving the application store rating based on their valuable reviews to improve performance.

One approach to do this is by sending Net Promoter Score surveys to your audience and gets to know how likely they are to recommend your app to a friend. Clients with a high NPS are your best “promoters” though clients with a low score are not. Furthermore, you can connect with your detractors to catch insights for future changes and improvements.

Wrapping Up

There is no certain magic formula for operating an application, and brands that do as such should analyze what works best for their app and improve their marketing methodology and efforts accordingly. We hope the above tips help you in building an excellent application for your brand.

Written by: Anu Thakur, a Digital Marketing Expert with- Cerebrum Infotech. She loves to share her knowledge and ideas on SEO, social media marketing, mobile SEO, latest Google algorithm & marketing trends. She often writes about mobile development, technology, and business-related topics.

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