How to Safely Add Payments to a Mobile App

In-app payments continue to grow as payment technology is integrated into more and more mobile apps in every industry. Though mobile payments can be very convenient for both you and your users, accepting payments in your app without the proper safeguards in place may put your business and your customers at risk.

Luckily, with the right payments partner, this process isn’t complicated. All the technical terms to worry about — like end-to-end encryption, PCI standards, and user authorization — can be managed by your mobile payments processing provider.

Get a PCI Certified Partner

Businesses who accept credit cards hear about PCI compliance a lot. This process crucial for protecting payment credentials. Instead of worrying about PCI compliance as an internal measure, relying on a third-party to manage credit card data — and how it’s transacted across your system — is a critical part in securing payments for your mobile app.

This added layer of security, along with the extra peace of mind, is worth having when integrating payments on a mobile app. This also keeps your business compliant, which can save money in the long term and keep positive relationships with your payment partners.

Rely on a Solid Payment Gateway

Another core aspect of safely adding payments to a mobile app is having the right payment gateway partner. A payment gateway matters when considering how to find a user-friendly, flexible method for integrating payment methods.

The best payment partners provide developer APIs and tools that to enhance the functionality of your mobile app. This process allows your POS software and online storefront to sync in a way that allows you to accept and manage credit card payments without worrying about any security gaps.

By choosing a payments gateway partner with innovative technology, your business will be fully equipped with toolkits, codes and a support team to make sure your mobile app payment integration process goes smoothly.

Understand Key Security Protocols

There are some key security terms that merchants should be aware of, without actually having to understand exactly how they work. Transport layer security, or TLS, is one of those terms.

For mobile app developers, this is the secret sauce that makes sure payment data isn’t stolen while moving across your server. TLS enhances this process by fully securing your mobile app payments. By encrypting data as it transmits between your customers to your server, you can safeguard it from hackers who might be attempting to breach your systems.

TLS also matters when marketing how secure your system is to your customers. By displaying TLS on your app, showing that your system is fully protected and secure, this indicates to your customer that you have put their well-being first. This will put your customers at ease that their payment data is safe.

Streamline the Payments Process

Once the proper security measures are in place, merchants must evaluate how streamlined their mobile app process is. Too many widgets and forms deter from the mobile app shopping and payment process and create more opportunities for security concerns. Declutter your mobile apps of any unnecessary forms, and rely on secure checkout and simple payment methods.

A streamlined mobile payment system will make it easy for your team to update the app as needed without having to reinvent the wheel each time. This will ensure your business processes never stop and enable your team to focus on what matters most – your customers.