How to Start a DropShipping Multi Vendor Mobile App


DropShipping is a business model where you do not need to keep the products in your warehouse.

Whenever a customer purchases the product of any third party through your web store then you do need to manage the inventory and shipment.

The third party/suppliers directly ship the product from their warehouse to the customer and they will also manage the inventory and shipment of their products.

Need of DropShipping in E-commerce

DropShip basically used in e-commerce because store owner does not want to take the load of the inventory and the shipping management.

And, you can also start a dropship business without investing the huge money. You do not need to invest huge money to purchase the products.

You just need to tie-up with suppliers and they will ship the product directly to customers and you will get your commission.

Dropship also used, for those products which are very fragile and you can not ship easily from one place to another place like – Glass products, heavy machinery, furniture etc.

So it will be a very hectic task to ship this kind of products from the supplier to your warehouse and then you will ship the product from your warehouse to the customer.

And the customer will also get the product early because the product directly shipped from the supplier to customer.

Multi-Vendor DropShipping Mobile App

Today’s the era of smartphones, so you don’t need to have a laptop or desktop. You can easily explore your store through smartphones.

If you want to start multi-vendor dropshipping then Webkul always here to help you out.

With the help of our Multi-Vendor Mobile Apps, you can introduce multi-vendor dropshipping, In which the sellers/suppliers can manage inventory and orders on own.

We are having the various platform based multi-vendor mobile applications, you can check here-

Our Multi-Vendor Mobile Apps provide the below features for the seller/suppliers  –

  • Separate Seller Dashboard
  • Seller Order Management
  • The seller can contact admin
  • The seller profile management
  • Seller Location is mentioned on the map
  • Sellers can add/edit products
  • The sellers can view their respective product list
  • The sellers can view their respective transaction list
  • A seller can create product attributes

Seller Order Management

In our Multi-Vendor Mobile App, this section contains the details of the orders received by seller along with their current status.

From here the seller can generate invoice, shipping slips, mail order details and cancel the orders individually.

The sellers can directly ship product from their warehouse to customer and admin will get the commision. The admin does not need to manage inventory and shipment.

That’s all for the Multi-Vendor DropShipping Mobile Apps still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the article better