Humble Bundle offers books on mobile app development

The guys over at Humble Bundle are doing something new this month. You’re probably used to them giving you a bunch of games at ridiculously low prices, paying what you want for these games. This month, aspiring mobile app developers might want to take heed as they’re bring you the Humble Book Bundle, and you get to pay what you want for these eBooks on mobile app development. Sounds like a crazy good deal already.

The first tier is if you pay USD$1.00 or more, and you’ll be getting four books, plus a coupon. The books include Android Application Development Cookbook (2nd Edition), iOS 10 Programming for Beginners, Learning Ionic (2nd Edition), and Creating Cross Platform Games with Xamarin. Also included in the purchase will be a USD$30.00 coupon for Mapt Pro access – which means you can access all their eBooks and videos for three months.

The second tier is when you pay USD$8.00 or more – you get the initial bundle, plus a whole lot more. You get five more books, plus 3 premium learning videos. The books include Android Programming for Beginners, Mastering Android Studio 3, Swift 4 Protocol-Oriented Programming, Xamarin 4.x Cross-Platform Application Development, and Mastering React Native. The premium learning videos are Ionic 2 Solutions, Kotlin Fundamentals, React Native Projects.

The last tier is when you pay USD$15.00 or more, you get the two bundles we mentioned above plus seven more books, and three more premium learning videos. The books are React Native Cookbook, Android Development with Kotlin, Mastering Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin, Mastering iOS 11 Programming (2nd Edition), Mastering Swift 4 (4th Edition), React and React Native, and Swift 4 Programming Cookbook.

All of these would total to a whopping USD$1396 in books and video courses, but you can get all of them for as low as USD$15.00. Check out the source link below if you’d like to purchase.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle