Inspiring and Innovative Startup Mobile App Ideas in 2018

The mobile market completely occupied by the Apps. Whether is small or big businesses, everyone is trying to hold the market and user with their dedicated mobile apps ideas. To make more customers through mobile devices every day new idea is evolved. Mobile has nowadays become necessity of every person and thus mobile apps businesses are likely to continue to grow in the future.

This blog will help you to understand how you can get started with the mobile app.

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Innovative Startup Mobile App Ideas in 2018

Parking app:

If you are struggling for parking here it come an app to find available parking. Using this App get a space in a specific location for your vehicle. Talking about the features, this app makes use of GPS, location, webcams, and parking data to find a free parking space around you in real-time.  Such edition of App keeps a vision to help users in their day to life.

Virtual Interior Designer app:

Technology is growing to such a level that it helps you to create Virtual Interior room. Such an interesting App will allow you to take a picture of your room and allows visualizing it with various available design options, like colors, objects, wall stickers, curtains, etc. Apart from this it will also recommend the places from where you can buy these interior items.

Voice language translation app:

Language translation app is a unique idea that will help in translating the spoken words of a person in real-time. This App makes it convenient for user by understanding different language. This innovative idea can be considered for a mobile app development.

 Social networking app:

It is a really interesting and useful idea of selling and buying stuff online.  It can be done by making friends or connect with your existing friends to sell and buy stuff online. The app will also help you to make recommendations on the basis of search. It will be convenient to buy products based on friends’ suggestions. its social chatting app which is designed and developed by Quytech.

Travel Suggestion app:

This app will automatically scan and find the best places to visit. It is for exploring new places and things to do in a particular location that are new to the user. It also includes some features that suggest the best restaurants, hotels, etc. along with reviews feature.

Food Donationapp:

Talking about this Food Donation App has a different approach. It allows the restaurants to find suitable charities in their local areas to donate their excess food every day. It will be able to serve nearby needy people. This will save a lot of food that otherwise goes to waste. Good approach toward mankind. skip and give is one of the food donation app which is designed and developed by us.

Transport alert app: 

Embedded with GPS facility to keep track of the bus running status in real-time this featured App will keep users updated. This App will help users to catch their buses on time by altering them of the bus timing, schedule, time change, delay, etc.

Musician community app:

For music addicted people this app will help new musicians to find other fellow musicians. The interested guy can connect each other to form a band together. Also user can find gigs related to their particular music choices. Vocalike is same kind of app which is also designed and develop by quytech. Read more about app.

Book review app:

This Book review app will let you take a picture of the book and get reviews instantly. Using Amazon, Goodreads, and other platforms this App will help you make the choice of whether to buy/read the book or not. This App will clear vision of the reader after getting the reviews of particular book.

Profile Explorer App:

This app idea is something out of the box that will make use of Augmented Reality (AR) to find more details about a particular person or an object by simply scanning them. So, when you scan the face of a person using this app, it will show all the details about them from all over the internet

Shopping Assistant App:

This app is all about shopping suggestion. It will allow brands to keep their users updated with new, latest releases. It will drop notification helping user to find the places nearby to purchase a particular product.

Brand Identifier App:

When it comes about user satisfaction then this idea act a vital role. By simply scanning the brand tag or logo this App will allow users to find out more about the brand of a particular item. To assist user this app may also show some brand references and reviews.

Instant party planning and invitation app:

Organizing party try this idea that lets you make all the planning and arrangements for immediate parties. Using this App idea you can conduct and organize party within the app by sending instant invitations. It will also let you to selected persons from your contact list while broadcasting the event.

We hope the above information about Innovative Startup Mobile App Ideas in 2018 proves useful to you. Please feel free to share your feedback or queries in the comments section below.