IOS Mobile App for Online Bartering

Our developers has been busy for these days to develop IOS mobile app for our swapping software iScripts eSwap. The results were more than expected. We succeeded in launching powerful virtual swap meet app that allows direct swapping capability to users and trade with each other. APP provides flexibility to users by allowing them to sell or barter items within your online community. Allow users to acquire items however they wish using online payment gateways. Android App for online bartering is already available in PlayStore with relevant features for online swapping through your Android device.

iScripts eSwap APP is a barter exchange APP equipped with many built-in and comprehensive features. Users of the APP can list items for swap or sale in exchange for another item and currency. If users do not immediately find what they need, they can create a wish list so that fellow users may fulfill the request. Our swapping softwareiScripts eSwap allows you to create your own swap meet website where users can easily buy, sell and swap items. The software contains all features and functionality necessary for you to launch a professional barter exchange network website like or

As you know, the online script allowed you to instantly launch professional online bartering systems. Now, with the mobile app, the scope for expanding your business, strengthening your marketing tactics and branding methods are now meeting new horizons. The demand for business mobile apps have increased significantly within the past year. Foreseeing this trend, there was no time to waste. Now you don’t have to wait any longer to incorporate mobile apps into your existing business plan. Take your bartering system on the go with the iScripts eSwap user app.

The iScripts eSwap user app comes with a stylish interface and in addition, an easy way of managing products. The app comes with side menus, a Categories menu, category product listings and many more features a quality app requires. Here you can see the app works with several functions such as:

  • Add Item for Sale, Swap, Wish functionality
  • Fully editable mode
  • Sale addition (Sale product listing added by user)
  • Swap addition (Swap product listing added by user)
  • Wish addition (Wish product listing added by user)
  • Complete User details

The iScripts eSwap user app gives you many advantages and features which will enable you to run your own profitable bartering network or swapping website. Some features built right into the app include:

  • Easy and Seamless Functionality to Make an Offer
  • Quick Response Capability after Buying a Product
  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • Inbox and Outbox for Making Offers and Also for Sales

iScripts believes in producing the best quality products and making the best software and apps for the outside world. This has been proven over years through our dedication to our clients. iScripts eSwap is just one example of a product that iScripts has made easier for others to use through advancements in user friendliness on the web interface, as well as through mobile application.

Similar to Craigslist and, iScripts eSwap is a bartering system which allows you to create your own swap meet website where users can easily buy, sell and swap items. The swapping software contains all features and functionality necessary for you to launch a professional bartering and exchange network website.

  • Buy, Sell and Swap Functionality – choose how to conduct transactions on your site
  • Admin Panel to Manage Users, Features & Payments – Gather insight pertaining to behavior and activities while having the ability to assist users at critical points in time.
  • Advanced Tools for Counter-Offers – Allow users to seamlessly conduct bids and transactions as if they were in person
  • Multi-Language Capability – Give all users the ability to converse and use your site, no matter their country or language
  • Unlimited Users, Products & Categories – we do not limit your usage, or your users!
  • Optional Escrow Method – Choose how to operate your site as you see fit for your business
  • Ability to Create Internal Virtual Currency Points – Want to create a special currency just for users on your site? Now you can!
  • PayPal and Payment Gateways – We work with the most popular and trusted gateways to ensure payments are secure and timely for you
  • Variety of Shipping Methods – Don’t limit options for your users. You have the ability to link your site to well-known delivery services and companies
  • Customizable Logo, Banners, Site Content & More – Personalize your site and make it your own! Choose the colors, layout and images to make your site stand out and be unique to your target audience.
  • Your Choice of Site Themes – Don’t have access to a designer? For those with a frugal budget, or those just starting out, you can easily match your site to a theme for a cohesive look and feel.
  • User Wish List – The only way sellers can offer what users want, is if they know! Make sure all potential customers know what is available to them, and all sellers are aware of items in demand.
  • Email Newsletter Capability – Easily create your own emails to your user base and send them through the system. No need for an additional platform to manage email, you have the functionality included.
  • Ability to Generate Detailed Reports – Want to know all you can about your business? Now you can! Choose from various reports to run and analyze to determine best steps for your business and users.

Ready to create your own barter or swap site? Try it out for yourself right now See the Free Live DEMO: iScripts eSwap

Choose to use the software as-is, add on to your software using our team of programmers, or even select a white-labeled version for your added connivance.

For more information or questions related to how you can take advantage of the platform, contact us at (312) 423-6728 or email to

We have the ability to modify and tweak the script and add any additional features or site design changes. Just tell us your thoughts and any budget specifics or limitations. We will work with you to provide the best options!

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