Is Your Mobile App Not Making Any Money?

Is Your Mobile App Not Making Any Money?

Building apps is not for fun. Building applications is a business and you need to earn money to keep going.Now a days app developers facing such problem of not earning money by their apps.some reasons are there which an app developer should consider :

1.Large size – More number of app uninstallation occur due to the concerned application takes too much of storage space.

2.Poor loading speed – Most applications users prefer apps that launch within 2-3 seconds after they have tapped the app icon.

3.Ads that hamper user-experience – Forcing users to watch video ads. Makes the user uninteresting on the app

4. Absence of an offline mode – Though Online social networking apps, mobile news portals and real-time multiplayer games are all very nice, an app should have a properly functioning offline mode as well. In case there is no offline mode,that can prompt users to delete it.

5.Battery draining – Frequent uninstallation of apps have a common problem – they cause excessive battery drain.

6. Inadequate privacy – out of 9 applications 3 pose a threat to user-privacy, and hence are not likely to be retained on devices for long.

7.Notifications – Sending notifications from time to time is a great way for app developers to remain in touch with users,but it make user to feel annoying by continuous notifications.

8. Finding a better application- Mostly app uninstallation occur when users find a better app. Risks of data loss is another major reason for removals.

9.Lack of marketing strategy – The trick lies in choosing the right way of earning more money by your applications. The best ways to improve earning of money by your apps:

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