Latest Trends of Mobile App Development

Mobile devices are very common today. They not only serve as an effective means of communication but also work as a complete personal computer making users’ life simpler. Mobile applications have indeed revolutionized the ways we communicate, learn, shop, work, travel, and carry out marketing strategies. For businesses, mobile apps no longer come as extra efforts or additional investment but an obligation to compete in the market. This is the reason why more and more businesses are adopting this medium to increase profits and fulfill the needs of their customers. Provided that many businesses are shifting their marketing practices to a mobile platform, there is an increasing demand of mobile apps development. However, developing mobile applications is an ever-evolving task which requires developers to make sure that they are up-to-date with the latest trends when developing new apps.

Following are the latest trends of mobile applications development.

Progressive web apps are in demand these days. Such applications run within a web browser. A progressive web application allows users to instantly start using it as soon as they unlock their device. On the other hand, native apps need you to download them from apps store and install before you​ can actually get to use it.

The invention of Android Instant Apps is a new revolution in the mobile app industry as a whole. This enables Android-based applications to run instantly. Like progressive web apps, you do not need to download and install them on your mobile phone in order to use them. You can even instantly look at the application without having the need to install an app for it. This means you can use such applications only when you need it.

Location Beacon-based Technology

Location based beacon technology has been continued to gain popularity since its invention couple of years ago. Beacons have particularly enabled retailers to fill the gap between online and in-store shopping experience for their customers. Furthermore, the technology allows businesses to collect important data and send location-based push notifications to their existing customers. Also, they can send customized notifications to their potential clients or buyers in addition to attract existing ones.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has a strong likelihood to be the future of mobile app development. The technology can be used to help you engage your customers with your brand in meaningful ways. Furthermore, augmented reality is expected to cover marketing and promotions for businesses and Integrate into many utility applications and functions.

Apps Security

The increasing demand of mobile apps development has also revolutionized the ways to secure apps as well as user information. This makes it compulsory for a developer to make sure that he/she takes security measures as a top priority when making an app.

Moving Beyond Mobile Devices:

There is a huge number of mobile apps being designed and developed in the market these days. The latest of such apps is that they are now also being developed for a number of other smart gadgets that are interconnected, for example, smart television or ioT enabled gadgets.