Malaysian Mobile App Improves Oil Palm Plantation Efficiency

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Malaysian technology company LintraMax (M) Sdn. Bhd., has released a mobile app that it says will allow oil palm planters to streamline work processes at their plantations.

Called QuartoConnect, the new app records worker attendance through integration with a biometric device to read fingerprints, records crop production with GPS location tagging, and monitors crop evacuation efficiency to improve crop freshness and reduce crop backlogs and losses.

According to the company QuartoConnect makes it easier for managers at the main office to access field data quickly and at any time, dispensing with the need to rely on paper-based log books or other manual method.


QuartoConnect integrates with a biometric device to read fingerprints, records crop production, and monitors crop evacuation efficiency to integrate plantation and office management and record keeping

Khor Kheng Khoon, founder and managing director of LintraMax, said that “lack of workers, poor crop harvesting quality, and crop losses are among the biggest operation challenges faced by many planters”.

“We saw that there was an information gap between field operations and monitoring, which led us to develop QuartoConnect. Our goal is to digitise agricultural practices which will help improve traceability and monitoring of field operations, not just at the main office”, Mr Khor said.

QuartoConnect enables users to record data offline at the plantation areas where there is no internet connection, with the data uploaded to a cloud-based central system once connected to the internet.

The product is currently available in Malaysia and Indonesia on a subscription basis directly from directly from the company. QuartoConnect follows on from a previous app, Quarto, which was introduced in 2016 to support key plantation operation functions.

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