Mobicutz: Mobile app helps cut hair and time

Have you ever gone to the barbershop and it ended up taking up your entire day? That was the case for a local father who took his scissors to barber shop wait times with the creation of a mobile app.

The app is called Mobicutz, founded by Job-Christian Bonner, who says the idea came from a simple need. He says his Saturdays were being taken up by sitting in the barbershop.

“Sometimes 3-4 hours. So I just came up with the idea,” Bonner said.

The former military man said he has two young sons and it became frustrating for the three to get their hair cut every week. After researching freelancers and outsource companies for the app, Mobicutz was born.

First you order the service.

The variety of services include the mustache and beard touch up, the clipper cut, and the precision cut. There is even an action for young boys to have their hair cut.

The app then allows the customer to select a barber who is in the area. Once you press book, the professional barber receives your request and heads to your home or business.

And no, you never have to step foot into a car.

The Mobicutz founder says he drew his entrepreneurial inspiration from the innovative energy of the city of Atlanta. He says if you have an idea, just go for it.

“If you have any goals or anything you want to pursue, just go for it,” Bonner said. “I just sat in the house one day and decided I didn’t want to go to the barbershop everyday and this is what I came up with.”

The Mobicutz founder is also planning to expand that app to include hairstylist, nail techs and more for women.

He hopes to be nationwide soon.

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