Mobile App Development Trend and Opportunities for 2016

The mobile revolution has entirely changed the face of technology as we know it. Gone are the days of using mobile phones to only make calls and send text messages. About a decade ago, the most advanced mobile phones were used to also play games, connect to the internet and take photographs. But we now live in an era where people live entirely through their mobile mobiles.

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Every need is met without having to even log on to a computer. Whether you need to order a pizza or a new dining table, you can do it from a smartphone. Whether you need assistance with fitness or home renovations, there’s an app for that. With more and more start-ups focusing on mobile apps, just about every innovative idea has made it to the tiny digital screen we hold in the palm of our hands.

Coming up with a great app idea is only the beginning. It’s essential to create apps that stand out from the myriad others available in the various app stores. Not only must the app idea be unique, it should also be convenient and helpful to the target audience. This ensures that once the app catches a user’s eye, they are more likely to download it and use it often. When it comes to the app’s design and functionality, usability is key. But the app also needs to be secure, so the user’s personal information is not leaked to third parties without their permission.

Mobile app users also prefer apps that they can customize based on their personal preferences. An app that is a delight to use ensures frequent usage and better engagement. As we see more futuristic advances in the field of app development, there’s also a greater need for companies to increase their mobile marketing budgets. It’s no longer a question of who can deploy a better app. The focus is on getting potential users to notice the app, download it without a second thought, and interact with it on a frequent basis.

An average smartphone user has probably installed and uninstalled a host of apps that didn’t live up to their expectations. In order for businesses to remain engaged with their consumers through mobile apps, it’s essential that the app is useful, personalized and secure, provides rich media content and a better user experience. All these features and more are visually outlined in this comprehensive infographic on the mobile app development trends for 2016.