Mobile App Development Trends in 2018

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. As the app economy continues to expand at a furious pace, it becomes certain that the use of mobile apps is not going to reduce in the near future.

As older technologies phase out, we bring you 5 mobile app trends that will rule the market this year.

1. AMP will steal the spotlight

The Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source project which aims to increase loading speed on mobile. If you are on Google mobile search, you might have seen the AMP pages which incidentally show up at the top of the search page. Because of how these pages are displayed, they get higher click-through.

2. AR and VR Will Show Some Magic

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) apps have been revolutionary in the gaming and entertainment industry throughout the year 2017 and hopefully, 2018 awaits you some AR and VR magic, too.

3. Cloud-Driven Mobile Apps Are on the Rise

From customers to the tech professionals, everyone knows that cloud computing has finally found its place with mobile apps. Now, we can expect powerful mobile apps that directly fetch data from the cloud and take up only minimum space in your smartphone internal memory.

4. M-Commerce

These days, instead of using credit and debit cards, a considerable number of customers prefer to make purchases through Google Wallet and Apple Pay. This is giving a push to m-commerce. Coupled with wearable devices, m-commerce payment facilities will take a different shape in 2018.

5. Beacons and Location-Based Services

Integrated location-based service applications are popular. Wi-Fi usage will no longer be limited to hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, and healthcare. The usage of applications with Wi-Fi support is going to rise beyond these traditional requirements and will help people with relevant location-based information.

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