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We might already know that Singapore has the highest smartphone adoption rate in the world, at an astonishing 85%, but what is the implication of this? Smartphones seem to be replacing computers in a lot of functions these days, especially in accessing the internet.

Singapore is a technologically advanced country, so the use of the internet is vital in the country. Since smartphone adoption rate is this high in the country, it goes without saying that mobile apps development would definitely be the most important factor in smartphone usage. Many companies now depend on their mobile apps to survive and generate more revenue. Billions of dollars are constantly pumped into this aspect of technology. This is the right motivation for brands to adopt cloud based technology.

In mobile app development, apps are developed for personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. There are many mobile app development and design companies in Singapore. The industry keeps growing rapidly. This article will discuss the top 20 of these leading companies; the pacesetters and leaders in the business.

This is an iOS and Android app developer that dedicates itself to the custom industry, making specific mobile and web applications. The venture capital is a top enterprise in Singapore. The Mobile App development solutions that they have is maintained by Mobile Marketing Automation Cloud. It was founded in 2011.

Their team extends across the Asian pacific and has over 50 UI/UX designers and developers. The company is widely known for releasing apps such as Shopguru, Starhub Goru, CNQC HiLife and RYDE. They are proud partners of MasterCard, PayPal, IBM, Zebra, Apple, Konics Minolta, and other top brands in the industry. They have put smiles on the faces of users all over the world because of the awesome user experience and engagement.

Founded in 2014, the mobile app and custom software development firm has been a trail blazer. It has does not just have offices in Singapore alone. It also has offices in UK, UAE, US, Doha and India. It flourishes because of its design and outsourced product authority when compared to its fellow competitors. It has developed dozens of apps for big businesses and Start-ups. Its notable project was developing a web portal for a real estate Company. They were able to connect homeowners with maintenance providers. Of course, they impressed the client and had an extended partnership creating apps for both iOS and Android as a result. They have a company size of about 10-49.

Affle Enterprise is an international technology company has an exclusive customer intelligence platform for customer engagement, transactions, and other forms of communication. Affle has developed hundreds of mobile apps. The end-to-end provider has an enterprise platform that helps Companies that are offline to be able to go online. Founded in 2005, by Anuj Khanna and Saurabh Singh, the 13 year old company has an employee number of 101-250. The platform’s goal is to optimize returns on marketing investment by means of contextual mobile ads, while also decreasing digital ad fraud. Its holdings investors include Microsoft, D2C, Itochu, Centurion Private Equity, Bennett Coleman, etc. Affle has worked with Airtel and Samsung, and received the India Digital Awards Big Data Tech Product of the Year 2014.

Credencys is one of the leading app development companies in Singapore. Its headquarters is in La Palma, Calif. The organisation was founded in 2008. Credencys majors in mobile app development and follows Scrum methodology, where they offer enterprise mobility solutions to enhance business processes. They also offers custom software and web development services. In general, they help enterprises leverage web, mobile, cloud, internet of things, Augmented Reality apps, Virtual reality, big data, and cognitive technologies. This rich repertoire has enabled them to wow all of their stakeholders. Credencys has an employee number of 50-249 and has completed an astonishing 300 projects in the span of 5 years.

Fooyo creates clean, modern mobile apps for iOS and Android all over Singapore. The full-stack mobile technology integrator was founded in 2014, and has since then, overseen technical back-end processes to the polished finished product stage. The company size is about 2-9. They work with small businesses and enterprises. They focus on business services, education, arts, music, and entertainment. A notable project that Fooyo did was to work with a traveller’s platform, where they developed an iOS and Android compatible app. Inside the project was initial ideation, UX/UI design, and logic which was used for verification as well as level systems. Fooyo has worked with JLL, Konica, Minolta, Nibble, and other great business brands.

Among the very best in the country, Octal IT understands the financial limitations and constraints of every of their client. This implies that they always stick to the plan and the budget, providing clients with value for their money. Octal IT has a solid team made of mobile app developers and coders with professional experience on several platforms such as Android, iOS, PhoneGAp, etc. It was founded in 2004, and has served several businesses including: hospitality, media and entertainment, healthcare, education, online retail, telecom, and real estate. The company has a size of around 250-1000 with offices I Jaipur, Florida, London, and Singapore. Octal has formerly worked with Mottiz, Skype, and Vodafone.

Monster Lab is one of Singapore’s most trusted Mobile App Development Companies. It was founded in the year 2005. It provides end-to-end solutions for both mobile (iOS and Android) and web based platforms. Monster Lab now has over 800 employees spread across over 12 countries with its headquarters is in Singapore. Apart from mobile app development services, it also offers IT staff augmentation services. Monster Lab has created a cross platform for job seekers looking for their particular job of interest. It had great reviews for this achievement. Monster lab has worked with top brands like Sony, Whissh, BMW, RunwayModa, etc.

Niyati was founded in 1999. This guarantees a wealth of experience. It is a top-tier mobile app development company that works on the top platforms; iOS and Android, and Windows. Niyati incorporates a beautiful design with functionality that is second to none. It has offices in Singapore, India, and Dubai. Over the years, the digital transformation company has helped users to improve the processes in which they conduct their business by upgrading the technology, and ensuring that their users have a quality experience. It has a size of over 50.

As the name implies, this company is very robust. Robust Tech House is a web, mobile app (Android and iOS), blockchain development, chatbox,e-commerce, and fintech technology partner company that is based in Singapore. It has its office in Vietnam. The company was founded 5 years ago, in 2014. It has a team of about 12 -50 persons, who cover all these areas. Described as innovators, engineers, and designers, these people employ technology to solve any solution for their customers. Robust Tech House has worked with JML, Afex, RedeemNow. The Company’s services are reasonably priced, and they are transparent in their approach.

Creole Studios is a young mobile app development, UX/UI design, and web development company that was founded in 2014. The headquarters of the company is in Singapore. It also has offices in Hong Kong and India. The company is also a one-stop shop for about everything related to mobile apps creation and web products building. The majority of their clients are enterprise businesses or midmarket customers. Creole has an employee number of about 30-50 people across various disciplines coming together to achieve something this great.

Creatella creates! The technology developer was founded in the year 2015. They feed small businesses and innovate in the middle of a Start-up incubator and a tech and marketing organisation. Creatella started in Singapore, with its base still in the country, has now had collaborations from people in different countries all over the world. It is only a matter of time before Creatella totally infiltrates untapped marketplaces. It has a company size of about 15-40 people who provide financial, business, and educational services. A notable project Creatella has carried out was building a web-based mobile wallet app for a financial services Company. It has worked with iDoo, Danabijak, and Change.

This is an international software development company that specializes in mobile and web application development and global eBusiness enhancement solutions. Omsoftware was founded in 2008 and it has its headquarters at Brighton, Colo. It has locations in Singapore and in several places in India. They mostly deal with small and midmarket businesses in the IT and communications trades. Omsoftware has worked with Shopify, Swayy, Way Track, Audi USA. They provide services to people in Kenya, India, Australia, USA, and UK, just to mention a few. It has a company size of around 250 employees.

Originally US is another top notch mobile app development that is based in Singapore. It was founded in 2014. The award winning company helps global brands and businesses to design great looking and functioning mobile apps. It has a small, yet powerful team that also focus on Internet of things and web development. It also has a good track record of digital transformation. Originally US has worked with a life insurance agency in the development of a web app and CMS. It has also worked with Zalora, Media Corp, SUNTEC City, Dentsu, Sats, and Daikin etc.

This company was founded in 2010, with the aim to produce high quality mobile apps as well as games development services to customers. It also has core areas in Augmented Reality Development, wearable app development, and iBeacon technology. One unique thing about Swag Soft is that they concentrate on marketers first before developers. It has a company size of about 30-5o personnels.

Swag Soft has worked with the biggest brands in the world such as: BMW, Toyota, Caltex, etc. and has had its works highlighted on MediaCorp, Channel News Asia, and the Strait Times.

Lets Nurture is an app development company that specializes in enterprise mobile application development for corporate, Business mobile apps, and custom mobile apps. Since being founded in 2008, Lets Nurture has worked on thousands of web and mobile applications for its clients all over the world. The platforms that its mobile apps work on include: iOS and Android. Lets Nurture also performs Hybrid app development services. It has a company size of about 50-250.

Codigo is an award winning Singaporean company that was founded in 2010. Among the services the company offers includes: iOS development, Android development, digital marketing, activation and advertisement of ideas for app education, backend development. Codigo tailors its technological prowess to developing apps that can make different enterprises to cope with whatever changes in business arrangements that they may face. It also offers insights to alleviate marketing woes for its customers. It has a team of about 34 skilled people that share the same passion for the mobile app technology. So far, Codigo has built a total of 328 solid mobile apps.

Jankosoft is an award winning creative digital agency that is based in Singapore. It was founded in 2001. It specialises in Web and mobile application development, e-commerce development and lots of other services. The company has a team of about 6 people. Jankosoft offers one of the best services for a decent price. Its products include Dine in Hero, Vangoshops, Workpandaa, Scuba Kitty. The company also provides Ninja Online Ordering System, Smart Send, Gifttag, and CAM solutions. In the past, the company has worked with Get Juiced, Spize, and Media Corp.

Massive infinity is a mobile app and web site development company that provides Training and Learning solutions, Augmented Reality, consultancy, Photo reporting, Blockchain solutions, Enterprise applications, E-commerce, and lots of other services. It was founded in 2011. It is based in Toa Payoh, a central region in Singapore. Massive Infinity has worked with Astro Scale, Caritas, Chan brothers, Changi, Mapletree, MOF, Teckwah, Sentosa Golf club, and several other organisations in Singapore. Its most popular apps include BE rewarded, Hello Panda, and Indian Heritage Centre. The company has an employee number of up to 50 talented professionals.

Xminds is a 14 year old app development company that has worked with over 200 Start-ups and enterprise products all over the world by using a lean model approach that is based on Minimum Viable Product. Its headquarters is in Trivandrum, India but has offices in Singapore, Australia, and Colorado. Xminds has a team of 73 experienced professionals that specialize in web development, mobile app development, app testing, etc. Xminds has worked with Tangler, Posse, Puntclub, EFactor, King Content, Dealised, and a host of other successful clients. Xminds has been helping its customers and founders to realise their dreams since 2004.

This is a group of exceptionally gifted and well-furnished engineers that offer IT services. The company was founded in 2015. It has its headquarters in Singapore, and has other locations in Pakistan, Los Angeles, and Lahore. Among DevCrew’s capacities includes: mobile app and web development services, Laravel, MAgento 2, WordPress, UI/UX design, React Native, MEAN Stack, ReactJS, Swift. It has a team of about 50 employees. Some of DevCrew’s notable projects includes developing Magento support for several e-commerce sites, which consequently ended up boosting their sales margins at an unprecedented figure. DevCrew has worked with Fishermen Labs, Snap Agency, and other great companies.

How to choose the right mobile app company

To achieve your dream, you need the right set of people to help you. To put the app of your desire out there, you need to select the best of the mobile app company. How do you know the company that is right for you?

To pick the right mobile app company,

You can hardly go wrong after taking all these factors into consideration when choosing a mobile app company.

What is the process to create a mobile app?

The growth of mobile apps all over the world has been an exponential one in the last decade. Constantly being put out on the app stores, these apps cover many areas of life that are crucial to happiness; health, fitness, entertainment, social networking, business, arts, education, games, food, music, photography, sports, etc. The process of building a solid mobile app is every bit challenging in terms of time, finance, and energy, but definitely worth the stress.

Before creating a mobile app, you must have felt a strong desire to satisfy a particular need and reach out to others. Each mobile app has its own peculiar creation process, but generally, the principle is the same.

Step 1: The birth of the idea. Decide the niche and what you want the app to look like. This process should be one that is analytical and factual, with well-defined objectives. The features should be beneficial to the users and improve their overall experience, while also helping you achieve your own business goal.

Step 2: The Target users. This is one of the most important steps, because the users would be responsible for the success of the app to a great extent.

Step 3: Know your competitors. There is hardly any market that will not be related to your app. The idea is to build an app that optimizes and satisfies every loophole in your rivals’ apps. This means you need to do your homework or research. Check the number of people that have installed their apps, their reviews and ratings, and history. Find out how they grew their user base. Take into consideration the features, layout, and functionality.

Step 4: The devices and platforms that your app supports. There is no use creating a mobile app that is not supported on the biggest mobile operating systems. You can either follow native app development, web, or mobile app framework. Also put in mind the battery power that your app would be consuming, the performance, size, and other details.

Step 5: Wire framing. This is like building the skeleton or prototype of your app. You can either do it online or offline. Sketch the framework of the app, and connect all the dots. You can try out tools like Fluid UI, Mockups, Gliffy, and other related ones. Here, recognise your use cases as well as the thought flow behind them. Enhance the screen and order numbers to get to each goal. Experiment and try out several templates to see which works for you. Always have a backup.

Step 6: Put your wireframes to test. This makes sense. To ensure that your model will be successful, test run it. You can use tools like Invision for this. Answer questions like: Are there redundant options? Is access to the key menu evident? Can you perform all the tasks that you set out to? Test interface, compatibility, security, and stress. Find out if there are any bugs. Do this as early as you can to save costs down the road.

Step 7: Monetizing your app, except you are a philanthropist, or someone who just feels a desire to do such things without making money. It does not make sense to fall into a serious debt because of building a mobile app. Monetization strategies include premium features, ad-revenue, subscription payment, in-app purchases, pay per download, etc. Determine the best for your app, and anticipate the users’ reaction to this. It is better to start this process straight up, rather than trying to introduce it later on.

Step 8: Define the roadmap of your app. In other words, know your Minimum Viable Product. Also, design has to go with development. Design catches the eyes, which is a window to the mind of the user. Focus on the UI design, multi-touch gestures (if it applies), and also study the standard platform designs.

Step 9: Deployment. You can deploy your web server (API) to a scalable environment or just submit it to app stores. Select a day for the launch. There are different policies for launching an application. Don’t rest here. Constantly monitor the app. You will also need to take feedbacks from time to time, and also come up with new updates and features. Employ great marketing strategies to penetrate the market. Good luck!

Be sure to only employ competent hands throughout the whole process.

What is the cost to create a mobile app?

It depends. This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the app world. The cost of a mobile app depends on a lot of factors. The main factors include:

All these factors add up to decide the overall cost of the app. In-app purchases are more expensive. Apps that have back-end servers are almost always more expensive. Expect a great design to come at a greater cost. If Apple for example is creating an app, it is definitely going to be more expensive than an upcoming/ Start-up Company or just a group of people. The intensity of the tests that you do for the apps is also included. And then, we have the legal aspect, which deals with copyright, patents, and trademark.

To give you an idea and rough estimate of the cost to create an app, expect to spend around $150,000 to $500,000 for an average or decent app. If it is just a couple of guys, it may be around $50,000 to $100,000, while up to millions of dollars for the biggest of companies.

Why you need a mobile app

If you seek to increase the value of your business or brand to your customers, you definitely need a mobile app. Mobile apps helps you serve them in a better way, organize discounts and reward programs to encourage them, to pass information faster and in a better way, get more engagement, increase brand recognition and visibility, improve sales, etc. The importance of mobile apps cannot be overemphasized. Make a wise and informed decision today!