Mobile App for Home Healthcare Workers

Escalating costs, increased legislation, and high demand for traveling healthcare workers requires organizations to evaluate processes and technologies that help alleviate these concerns. Here are five ways to use a for home healthcare workers that will improve your operations.

Five Ways to Use a Mobile App for Home Healthcare Workers

#1 Increase Number of Patient Visits

Reduce clinician time spent on paperwork and traveling, and increase time spent visiting patients by using a mobile app for timesheets, expense reimbursement, and other field data that is easily entered and automatically sent to the office. Further boost productivity by dispatching accurate appointment location information, and GPS navigation and data, to avoid late or missed appointments. Use data to analyze and schedule future routes to shorten travel time.

#2 Streamline Healthcare Operations

Dramatically reduce administrative time using a mobile app designed to collect information from traveling healthcare workers, and automatically transfer the data to the office. The right app has capabilities for capturing and sending digital information such as hours worked, mileage driven, time off requests, and medical supplies used. Data can be uploaded directly into payroll and other systems for improved operational efficiencies and reduced costs.

#3 Improve Clinician Safety Precautions and Procedures

A mobile app designed for traveling health workers helps managers know where workers are. Setting up workflows with automatic alerts provide real-time information on missed or overextended appointment times or workers that are not within their specified geofence. An app with capabilities to easily report and attach photos and signatures for documentation is effective for travel accidents, safety-related concerns or events, unsanitary conditions in the patient’s home, or occupational hazard incidents.

#4 Validate and Comply with Employment Regulations and Healthcare Service Reimbursement Requirements

Monitor hours worked and overtime risks with in-app timesheets. Use safety and incident mobile forms and reports to confirm compliance and document any issues or concerns related to employee welfare from the mobile app.  Demonstrate proof of service with GPS information that is third-party validated with date/time stamps and reports.

#5 Improve Clinician Satisfaction and Retention

Employees are becoming increasingly comfortable using mobile devices to record data and monitor information. The right app can help improve employee satisfaction and retention with the knowledge that management will automatically be alerted to unusual activities in their workday that could indicate unsafe conditions for the traveling nurse. The ease of recording and submitting hours worked, mileage expenses, and other reports for the office, all from their mobile device, allows clinicians to focus on their patients and not the paperwork. Read More about mobile apps or traveling nurses Case Study

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