Mobile App Maintenance

Mobile App Maintenance

Protect your Mobile App Investment

Mobile applications are revolutionizing the way companies operate, create opportunities for productivity, collaborate with partners, and engage targeted customer segments. Most companies don’t have a mobile app strategy to prevent them from struggling with the non-stop changes to mobile application environments, evolving operating systems, and understanding the functionality most relevant to their customers. Without a continuous plan for innovation in place, companies are challenged to keep their mobile apps technically modern and functionally useful to their customers.

Innovate, Discover, Analyze

In the mobile app space, the expectations are high – customers demand excellence in the performance and continuous innovation of mobile applications. To solve these challenges, AgileThought provides MobileAppCare– built around a dedicated team of mobile app experts who are continually researching mobile market and technology trends to keep your app healthy. This solution keeps your company from falling behind due to apps that have gone stale, guaranteeing your business will stay ahead of the curve with a mobile app that’s actually valuable to your customers. Armed with the data from in-app analytics, you receive insight into innovation opportunities to discover how enhancing your application will keep it running smoothly. The greatest challenge of mobile application development is progressing at the same rate that the market demands, which is why AgileThought’s team of experts continuously researches mobile innovation on your behalf through a monthly subscription.

With MobileAppCare you are provided with ongoing testing of applications against new operating systems and devices, assurance that device upgrades are not an issue, and valuable insight into new innovation opportunities that keep your application in demand with your customers.


  • Continually innovate your app through research and recommendations.
  • Receive insight into what features are providing you the most ROI through analytics.
  • Fix problems before they happen by tracking releases, updates and vulnerabilities.
  • Perfect solution for teams without a dedicated and focused mobile app maintenance strategy.
  • Ensures your mobile application will not become stale.
  • Necessity for organizations without previous mobile application experience.

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