Mumbai Police to launch mobile app to improve internal communication

In an endeavour to enhance internal communication between the ranks, the Mumbai Police will soon launch a mobile app, called Samvad.

Representational Pic
Representational Pic

The app, which is in the testing stage now, will allow top officers to convey important or emergency messages to the lower ranks.

Incidentally, until last year, communication via the trad­it­ion­al booklet was the only mo­de of internal communication within the police force. An official said, “We also used the wireless communication system, but the booklet system had been around for over four decades. Then, in order to reduce paper consumption, we resorted to emails. But information kiosks, installed across police station, soon replaced it. The only issue with it was that field officers couldn’t access the kiosks every day. Hence, the idea to communicate via a mobile app.”

Sources confirmed that the app won’t be available in the public domain. “All personnel, registered with the Mumbai Police, would receive a link via an SMS, which will allow them to download the app through a secure channel. At the moment, the administration is adding all official data on the app. It is being used on a pilot basis for testing purposes. All DCPs and additional CPs are using it,” the source said.

Besides communicating information, the app will also allow police personnel to access welfare schemes, workshops and health camps. It will be available in both English and Marathi.

Speaking to mid-day, commissioner Datta Padsalgikar said, “The project is being tested right now. The app will seek to improve communication between the lower and higher ranks.”