Must Have Features For Your eCommerce Mobile App

Must Have Features For Your eCommerce Mobile App

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With the ultimate rise in the eCommerce industry, there is another trend that is at its peak. It is the mobile eCommerce or the . There has been a drastic increase in the number of mobile, smartphone users over the last decade and so browsing the websites on the smartphone has increased proportionally. Who does not want to browse products, checkout, share and pay online on just a click.

Hence, the use of mobile apps for eCommerce has increased too.  Over the last two years, there has been a hike of 45% in the number of mobile app shoppers at eCommerce stores. Here are some of the features that will enhance your online presence and attract more customers.

  • One Step Registration

Simple and easy registration is the key here. Customers like effortless registration process and not a tedious and long one. If your app demands too much information then your users will lose their interest. You will lose a conversion.

  • Multiple & Easy Payment Options
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What if a customer does find the product of his choice, at great deals, but cannot find the desired payment option. What will happen then? Shopping cart abandonment. He will leave the process incomplete. This will bring a drop in your sales. Hence having an app that has all the payment options will help to .

  • Push Notification
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Push Notification enhances customer engagement as it tells the users about promotions, offers, and special discounts. This will help to scale up your sales and get you better profits. Push Notification is an important feature for the success of an .

  • Social Media Integration
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Social media integration allows the users by giving them easy login and registration. It is one of the must have features for a mobile app. Integrating social media will allow them to share your app offers or may be some of their achievements on different social media platforms.

  • Complete Synchronization

Making changes in the app and website separately becomes very tedious. Having your app synchronized with the website automatically makes the changes in the app that you make in the website. It saves a lot of time.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must for your app if you want to measure your app’s full value. It will help in finding out what users are more attracted to and what they are buying more & why, helping you to make your app successful in this tough competition.

Some of the other must have features include having an amazing and eye catching user interface, the app must display the customer reviews and ratings of the products and the checkout must be effortless and consist of a short path rather than being long and irritating for the customer.

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