New mobile app notifications for hassle-free Modo trips

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My Tip of the Month: Turn on your Push Notifications on the Modo app!

New mobile app notifications for hassle-free Modo trips

If you are a forgetful person like me, life is so much easier with the help of notifications and reminders. When using Modo, you may have forgotten to cancel a trip, rushed to end one, or needed to extend your trip a bit longer. To help you avoid these issues and enjoy a seamless experience, I’d like to introduce you to three push notifications on the Modo mobile app:

First of all, you will need to be able to receive the push notifications. Allow Modo app notifications on your mobile device by going into Settings in the app, or clicking on ‘Allow’ on the pop-up screen after logging in to the app.

Pre-booking Reminder (existing – ranging from one week to five minutes before the start of the booking):

Alternatively, this can also be set up through your web browser on a computer, after booking the trip.

Booking Ending (new – sent 10-mins beforehand for bookings of one hour or less; and 30-mins beforehand for longer bookings):

Booking Extension (new – sent during a booking when it can no longer be extended):

That covers the latest on new notifications for your mobile phone, but how about some bonus tips how to get the most out of your Modo app? Check out App 101 with Matt blog post!