NHS Mobile App Will Reward Users For Reaching Fitness Goals

There are some pretty obvious benefits when it comes to staying in shape. Of course not everyone has to work out to the point where they are sporting hulking muscles or six-packs or being able to do pushups with just one hand, but clearly working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is in itself its own reward.

However it seems that despite the benefits of being healthy, not everyone is so motivated to hit the gym or go for a job, but that’s something England’s National Health Service (NHS) is hoping to change. The organization has recently announced that those who use its health tracking app will be able to receive rewards in the future for meeting their fitness goals and/or staying active.

This comes in the form of discounts when shopping for fitness gear, gym memberships, and even stand a chance to redeem free cinema tickets, with the hope that these external motivations will inspire people to exercise more. Of course this isn’t done purely out of the goodness of their hearts, because by creating a more healthy population, the NHS is hoping to reduce the pressure being put on health services.

Whether or not this program will prove to be successful remains to be seen, but the NHS is expected to trial out this new scheme at Halton Lea, Cheshire.