Noxbox ICO: NBX Tokens For Blockchain Services Mobile App?

Noxbox is a decentralized services platform found online at Find out everything you need to know about the platform today in our review.

What is Noxbox?

Noxbox is a blockchain-based platform that allows you to obtain the service you need in the right place at a fair price and at a convenient time with a single click. Those “services” could include haircuts, manicures, food deliveries, massages, home repairs, construction services, plumbing, and anything else you might need.

The goal is to create the “services world of the future”, according to the official Noxbox website. That platform will have a global reputation system and a global cryptocurrency. You’ll be able to access the platform through any mobile app or PC.

What Problems Does Noxbox Seek to Solve?

Noxbox believes that today’s services industry has many big problems. Mainly, it takes too long to order and complete services. And, there are various steps between you and the service provider, with each step adding friction to the transaction.

The Noxbox whitepaper uses haircuts as an example. They claim the process of getting a haircut takes too long. You spend 5 minutes searching for the nearby hair salon. You need to make an appointment. You need to spend 10 to 15 minutes traveling to the salon, then you have to wait in line. Once your haircut is complete, you have to spend a few minutes paying before you return to your starting pint.

Noxbox sees this process as a problem because you’re spending too much time doing things that aren’t the haircut. Many service providers have this same “problem”: you spend more time on overhead costs and less time on the actual service.

With that in mind, Noxbox aims to create a solution that saves you time and money.

How Does Noxbox Work?

You can open the Noxbox application on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC at any time, then click on the “Service Order” button.

You find the service provider nearby with the highest rating. That service provider arrives at your place within 5 to 15 minutes and performs the high quality service. Then, Noxbox automatically completes payment using cryptocurrency, and the service provider’s rating is updated with your review.

The ecosystem revolves around the use of special tokens called NBX tokens. Token holders will receive profit on a quarterly basis (based, apparently, on fees collected by the platform). As an NBX token holder, you’re also entitled to receive a discount when ordering service through the platform.

Noxbox Features and Benefits

The Noxbox whitepaper outlines all of the following features and benefits:

  • Ratings are saved on the blockchain; if a consumer requested a service and was dissatisfied, he can post a low rating for that service provider, with all ratings unable to be changed modified, or deleted
  • Performers will be identified using biometric identification “according to the geometry of the face and iris of two eyes”, making it impossible to register for Noxbox twice or hide poor quality service
  • Services are available on demand because Noxbox only shows service providers who are available right now and can arrive at your address within 5 to 15 minutes, which means your desired service is never far away
  • Payment is guaranteed using smart contracts that automatically release cryptocurrency when the service is complete
  • Noxbox will charge fair prices because service providers directly interact with consumers
  • Noxbox will create a world without borders where users can easily access services even when they’re in a foreign, unfamiliar country

The Noxbox Token Sale

Noxbox is launching a token sale for its Waves-based NBX tokens. There’s a total supply of 200 million NBX tokens. Tokens are listed at a price of 1 NBX = $0.1 USD. There’s a hard cap of $4 million USD during the token sale and a soft cap of $1 million.

the ICO is taking place in several different stages from March 2018 all the way to January 2019. In the March 2018 token sale, NBX tokens are being sold at a price of 1 NBX = $0.10 USD. This token sale will last for 4 weeks.

In September 2018, Noxbox will host another 4 week token sale, during which you can buy NBX for $0.60 apiece. In January, Noxbox will hold the final 4 week ICO round, during which you can buy tokens at a price of 1 NBX = $1 USD.

Who’s Behind Noxbox?

Noxbox is led by CEO and founder Nicolay Lipnevich, described by the whitepaper as a “passionate author and architect with 5 years’ experience in system architect [sic].”

Other listed members of the team include Dmitry Markevich (CMO and founder) and Marina Lipnevich (founder). The idea for Noxbox was formed in December 2016.

Noxbox ICO Conclusion

Noxbox has ambitious plans to revolutionize the world of service providers. The goal is to create a platform that provides global service provider rankings, digital currency payments, and an advanced reputation system.

Noxbox is holding an ICO throughout March 2018. It’s an unusual ICO. The second stage of the ICO will take place in August 2018, at which point the price will have gone up 600% (from $0.10 to $0.60). Then, in January 2019, Noxbox will hold another ICO stage at a price of $1 per NBX.

Right now, Noxbox just has a single app posted on the Google Play Store. That app is called Noxbox Massage. It’s an unreleased app that includes a bitcoin wallet. You can view it (or install it) here.

To learn more about Noxbox and how it works, visit online today at The ICO is continuing until the end of March.