Mobile App Casinos

The mobile phone technology and fashion have grown so fast in the last few years and it’s not shocking to see a rush in the popularity of their casino games. Operators have caught on pretty quickly producing quality casino apps to cater for the growing demand from players who prefer to connect in games on

Impossibly Ugly Mobile App Designs

If you go onto your mobile app store, you’ll see an amazing array of beautiful, well-thought-out apps that are enjoyable and pleasant to use. You’ll also see…these apps. With bad colors, terrible interfaces, and confusing layouts, these are the 13 most impossibly ugly mobile app designs we’ve seen. Impossibly Ugly Mobile App Designs 1. Weatherbug

KITH Mobile App, Ultra Boost Giveaway

KITH Launches Mega Ultra Boost Giveaway To Celebrate New Mobile App NYC-based retailer KITH just expanded the shopping experience onto smartphones as they officially unveil their new mobile App. Below is a quick video detailing the user experience of the new App, which allows consumers to purchase KITH merch with a touch of a button.