How to Build a WordPress Mobile App

How to Build a WordPress Mobile App You can easily build a WordPress mobile app, here’s how! WordPress-powered mobile apps are in vogue, but there is much more than meets the eyes. Many of those using WordPress, are keen to leverage the platform for mobile with the help of App Builders and Custom Hybrid Apps.

CODEILO Mobile App Development Quotes

At&T Carrier Billing Option Comes To The Android Market Mobile App Development Companies Apple may have the best-selling single series of handsets (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S), but when it comes to the best-selling smartphone platform, there’s no denying: it’s Android. More than 200 million Android devices have now been activated globally, Google announced

Mobile App for Home Healthcare Workers

Escalating costs, increased legislation, and high demand for traveling healthcare workers requires organizations to evaluate processes and technologies that help alleviate these concerns. Here are five ways to use a for home healthcare workers that will improve your operations. Five Ways to Use a Mobile App for Home Healthcare Workers #1 Increase Number of Patient

Who Will Be Building Your Next Mobile App?

If you think it has to be a pro developer, think again. There’s no doubt that organizations demand more business apps to run, innovate and grow the business. With that, there’s as increasing need to enable business professionals, who typically cannot code, to build well-designed, useful apps – fast. The kinds of apps businesses need