Mobile App Myths Debunked

There are popular beliefs around mobile app development that range from the high costs involved to the difficulty of making a return on your investment. Some are valid concerns, but they don’t apply when you rely on a mobile app service like ours. We often discuss these with customers, with many comparing our services to having a developer build an

Mobile App Success Story: Flipp

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, winter holiday…there are so many occasions to catch great deals on your favorite products! In the middle of the shopping season, you need a reliable friend that will guide you in order to make the best decisions. Guess what? It is the perfect time to talk about this type of companion.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Is Being Adapted Into a Mobile App

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is being adapted into a mobile app exclusive to players in China.  Chinese internet company Tencent officially confirmed they are developing the mobile app via a press release on their website (which Polygon has since translated). The gist of this announcement is that Tencent intends to deliver a mobile version of PUBG that