Mobile App Attribution turorial

What to Track for Mobile App Attribution (Post One of Two) by Matt OrbanTechnical Sales Engineer Most of us understand intuitively that getting customer event data from our apps is important and can help drive improved marketing effectiveness. But some might wonder…what specifically are we going to measure? How do we turn the good idea of

Walmart’s Store Assistant brings in-store value to mobile app

Dive Brief: When customers visit Walmart stores, the Walmart mobile app on their smartphones flips into the Store Assistant mode to offer features like a barcode scanner, product search bar, customer reviews and Walmart Pay. Other new features include: the ability to build shopping lists, automatically calculate total cart cost, including tax; and use in-store

Mobile App Testing with Robot Framework

Mobile App Testing with Robot Framework Abstract This document is a tutorial on mobile application testing using Robot Framework. The examples are written for Android, but most of them will be applicable to other platforms since Appium and Robot Framework are cross-platform. Appium Appium [5] is an mobile automation tool. It’s a user agent. It