Poloniex has launched the official mobile app

American cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has launched its first official app for mobile users; it is available on Android and iOS. According to an announcement in the company blog Circle that owns Poloniex, it is the only app with official support in the Android Play stores and iOS App.

Official character novelty sets it apart from various previously released third-party developers. Some of these independent applications has gained popularity due to traders important characteristics.

According to representatives of Poloniex, a new app will improve the user experience on different platforms. In particular, they will be able in real time to get acquainted with updates to the markets, see a graphic, showing the course of trade in different time intervals, to manage selected coins and to create a system of alerts about price changes.

In addition, the iOS version is already available trade. This option, according to representatives of the exchange, will give customers access to Poloniex from anywhere. The application has instructions for creating the required API keys.

The release of the official mobile app is an important milestone for the exchange. Among other important events in the history of the site — the transition to a associated with Goldman Sachs Circle at the beginning of 2018. The sum of transaction has made $400 million In early 2017, the exchange announced a new policy of confirming the identity of clients is aligned with the KYC, which affected the entire cryptocurrency sector: all the so-called legacy accounts in the mandatory form must be verified through the internal portal. At the end of may 2018 representatives demanded that legacy accounts have undergone this procedure within 14 days.

The launch of a new mobile app probably indicates that Poloniex is preparing other changes.