Ruby Receptionists’ Mobile App Makes Changing Your Status Easy

Ruby® Receptionists provides you with virtual receptionists that ensure your business runs smoothly, and their mobile app lets you break free from your desk.


Ruby’s mobile app gives you immediate access to your calls and messages, and the ability to forward your calls to Ruby or other numbers. You can also use your cell phone to call out using your business phone number or your cell number, which lets you keep your cell phone number private from clients. You also get call management features that allow you to track important calls and set reminders to return calls.

Ruby’s mobile app also lets you update your status. Even though Ruby’s receptionists aren’t in your office, they can sound just like they are thanks to status updates. Just as you’d let your receptionist know you were heading out to an appointment for the afternoon,  you can let Ruby know too. This allows your virtual receptionist to give intelligent status updates to your clients, rather than just having clients reach a voice mailbox and have no idea if you’re returning in a few minutes, tomorrow, or next week.

All you need to do to let Ruby know your status is to use the status tool in your mobile app. If it’s more convenient, you can update your status online or email Ruby. You can also use your status to tell Ruby to hold your calls or to tell your virtual receptionist that you’re at an alternate number. You can even ask Ruby to route your calls to someone else when you’re on vacation. If you have routine status changes, you can save those to status updates to use for the future.

Ruby’s mobile app now also has a one-touch “hold calls” feature. Just tap a button to hold your calls until you decide otherwise. Your virtual receptionist will take messages or offer your voice mailbox until you turn the feature off.

How to Get It

Ruby has subscription plans ranging from $269/month for 100 receptionist minutes and up to 10 users to $1,069/month for 500 receptionist minutes and unlimited users. All plans include Ruby’s mobile apps for either iOS or Android, the status and hold calls features, and unlimited talk time and voicemail boxes.

All plans also include 16 hours of daily receptionist coverage five days a week Monday-Friday, 12 hours of receptionist coverage on Saturdays and Sundays, and bilingual services for Spanish-speaking callers. Ruby has a 21-day money back guarantee. There are no long-term contracts, and you can cancel with 30 days’ notice.