Speed Controls Could Be Arriving For YouTube’s Mobile App

Image credit – Joe Maring/9to5Google

If you watch YouTube a lot on your computer, there’s probably a good chance that you’re familiar with the various controls and features of YouTube, such as the ability to change the speed of a video. For example users can slow a video down or speed it up depending on their preferences.

Unfortunately these features do not exist on the YouTube app for mobile, or at least until more recently where according to 9to5Google, YouTube seems to be testing out the feature on its Android app. As you can see in the screenshot above, the “speed” setting is now available in the Android app where users can choose to slow down a video’s speed to as slow as 0.25x, or speed it up to 2x.

The speed controls will do exactly as they suggest and won’t differ from the desktop’s version of the control, so in reality nothing’s changed except for its availability. 9to5Google notes that this feature was discovered in the YouTube app version 12.29.57 running on a Pixel handset. We’re not sure how widespread this feature is, but it appears that Google is testing it out for now.

There is also no telling when the feature will be rolled out to more users, but we can only assume it is a matter of time. After all if the feature was available on desktop, we don’t see why Google couldn’t bring it onto mobile as well.