StaffConnect Sees Explosive Growth of Employee Engagement Mobile App Platform and Significant Market Expansion As Customers Reap the Benefits of Increased Employee and Customer Satisfaction Boosting Bottom Line Profitability

Company Closes Out Q3 2018 with a 139% Increase in Recurring Revenue over Q3 2017 as Company Closes Marquee Accounts Across Construction, Healthcare, Hospitality and Manufacturing

LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — , the leading provider of , today announced continued explosive growth, closing out Q3 2018 with a 139% increase in recurring revenue over Q3 2017, along with a 32% increase from Q2 2018 to Q3 2018. Persistent adoption of the company’s groundbreaking employee communications and engagement platform in the Construction, Healthcare, Hospitality and Manufacturing industries contributed to Staffconnect’s market traction as it continues to rapidly expand its worldwide footprint.

A report by estimates that the employee engagement sector is a $74.3 billion dollar market opportunity, asserting that engagement has become “the global CEO dashboard metric for the state of the workforce.” Growing evidence reveals how lower worker engagement affects overall company success, suggesting that engagement must be escalated to a board-level issue, given the impact on profitability, productivity, employee retention, and work culture.

Employee experience (EX)—an employee’s opinions about and associations with a company based on interacting with it—links to bottom-line corporate profits. Most businesses are aware of this, as relayed in the , where it was disclosed that nearly half (48%) of businesses in all industries surveyed identified engagement as “very important.” What’s more, Deloitte found that EX is now rated as the fourth most important global trend for business leaders to address. Yet despite management’s growing recognition of the critical nature of EX, less than a quarter of companies (22%) reported excellence in building a differentiated EX.

Gaining Momentum with New Customers in Construction, Healthcare, Hospitality and Manufacturing
StaffConnect continued to expand its customer base in Q3. In the healthcare industry alone, the company nearly doubled its number of existing customers.

  • In addition, StaffConnect continues to see strong growth in the construction market across North America.

The Retail Industry’ Employee Engagement Crisis
Another key milestone in Q3 2018 includes the release of a new ebook, titled The ebook outlines how the retail industry is evolving and why retail workers in particular are among the least engaged of all occupations – and why this is a crisis for the industry. It also discusses how better engagement leads to better retail bottom-line profit, the two-way nature of employee/employer engagement, the power of technology and how it can link the employee experience (EX) to the customer experience (CX) to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and future insights into engaging workers, HR and internal communications.

New Strategic Partnership
StaffConnect and , a premier rewards and incentives solutions provider, announced the two companies have entered into a . Under terms of the agreement, CorporateVIP offers the StaffConnect mobile employee engagement platform to its customers across Malta, Estonia, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), enhanced with direct access to its wide range of employee reward and incentive offerings.

“StaffConnect’s continued growth trajectory is a testament to the rising concern around the negative and damaging impact that a poorly engaged workforce has on both company culture and performance. Creating an emotionally connected organisation where the entire workforce is empowered to interact, share, and collaborate with their peers and managers—no matter what they do or where they work, is increasingly becoming a priority for forward-thinking, global enterprises that want to attract and retain the best available talent,” said Geraldine Osman, CMO, StaffConnect. “Our customers are the trailblazers in this area, the ones that realize that strong engagement levels with their employees is what makes the key difference between success and failure or between good and great. With StaffConnect’s mobile engagement platform, our customers are reaping the rewards of a rapid increase in workforce productivity, a decrease in attrition levels and improved customer satisfaction.”

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